13 Amp key switch connection unit

Key features

  • Terminal connections
    • Supply Live, Supply Neutral, Supply Earth
    • Load Live, Load Neutral,
    Earth termination block
  • Terminal Capacity: 9.5mm2 Switches loads up to 13 Amp
  • 230V AC at 50Hz supply Standard single gang plate
  • Tamper-proof double pole isolation
  • Tamper-proof fuse carrier
  • IP Rating: IP20
  • 5-year warranty


The PRE6001 double pole key switch connection unit allows Prefect products to remain powered without interruption therefore achieving desired control of temperature.

The PRE6001 is compatible with all Prefect products. The connection unit provides a safe means of local double pole isolation without the inconvenience of the control device being switched off and the room becoming cold.

The PRE6001 is a standard single gang fitment and requires a back box of 30mm or greater. The rounded corners compliment other prefect products.

A key is required to switch the unit and to remove the fuse making the unit tamper proof. The fuse can only be accessed using the supplied key, ensuring it can only be removed by authorised personnel. The key also actuates the double pole isolation switch, again ensuring only authorised personnel can operate the switch.


Product Information


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