Hobsafe is easy and quick to fit between the isolator switch and the hob unit. Hobsafe is available with 30Amp and 40Amp capacity and will control most electric hobs

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Hobsafe is a device designed specifically to prevent hobs from being left on if the person preparing food is distracted.

Ideal for student kitchens, within private houses or halls of residence. Hobsafe gives conscientious landlords another level of safety assurance and provides peace of mind to families and carers of people living with dementia. Hobsafe is at home in any kitchen.

Hobsafe is a cleverly simple timer which prevents a hob from being left on if the doorbell or a phone call causes a distraction.

Fire is a high price to pay for an unattended hob, but smouldering pans setting off smoke detectors can also be costly if a fire crew arrives at a false alarm.

Fires started in the kitchen by cooking appliances are responsible for 48% of the 37,000 house fires in the UK. However, in a survey, 38% of battery-operated smoke detectors did not sound during a fire because of discharged or disconnected batteries. Hobsafe provides an additional measure of safety against fires, when used alongside fully-functioning, well maintained, frequently tested smoke detectors.

There are three models of Hobsafe, two 2-gang units (PRE9277 portrait or landscape) with a load capacity of 40Amps – these will switch most appliances.  The more compact single gang 30Amp version (PRE9276) is for smaller hobs.

We have developed a new product designed specifically to ‘watch’ the hob and take action should temperatures on the cooking surface reach dangerous levels. Click here to view HobSensus.

The Hobsafe range


  • 1 gang
  • 30 Amp
  • 15,20,30 & 45 minutes

PRE9277L (Landscape)

  • Landscape
  • 2 gang
  • 40 Amp
  • 15,20,30 & 45 minutes

PRE9277P (Portrait)

  • Portrait
  • 2 gang
  • 40 Amp
  • 15,20,30 & 45 minutes

How Hobsafe works

Hobsafe is a switch and a timer that is connected between the power source and the hob, usually next to the main cooker switch on the wall.

The person cooking presses the button on Hobsafe to connect the power source to the hob, this connection will remain live until the pre-determined time has elapsed, the switch will then break the circuit, and electricity will no longer reach the hob.

A minute before the hob switches off, the LED light will flash. To extend the cooking time, simply press the button again – the hob will remain active for the same length of time.

Hobsafe can run for 15, 20, 30 or 45 minutes. These times are set, when the unit is being installed, with a switch on the back – 15 minutes is the most popular run-time.


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