Secondary interface unit

Key features

  • Terminal connections
    • Live, Neutral and Earth supply
    • Data connection inbound-outbound
    • Data connection splice terminals
  • All Aluminium enclosure
  • Mains borne transmission and reception
  • Inbound and outbound connections
  • CAT5 cable testing
  • Weather sensor input
  • Opto-isolated data connections
  • 1 Port Ethernet RJ45
  • 5 Year warranty
  • Volt free contact input
  • Remote management
  • Remote software and security updates
  • System management with fault alerts
  • 5-year warranty


The PrefectIrus PRE2000SIFU3 is the intermediary or Secondary Interface Unit. The SIFU3 sends and receives data to nodes on site.

The SIFU3 bridges the gap between the central control MIFU2 and the individual room nodes. The SIFU3 is connected to the MIFU2 via category 5 cabling along which data is sent. The SIFU3 takes this data and injects the information in packets into the mains network using mains borne signalling technology. Data is also received from the room node through mains borne signalling, this data is then sent to the MIFU2. Multiple SIFU3 units are used in series to cover all areas of the building where room nodes are required.

The SIFU3 is connected to the MIFU2 via CAT5 cabling, however when CAT5 cabling is not a viable option the SIFU3 can be connected using a pre-existing data network. Utilising the data network will allow multiple SIFU3 units to be connected to the MIFU2 without the addition of new cabling.

The SIFU3 has an industrial strength all aluminium powder coated enclosure. The unit has a compact foot print enabling the unit to be installed in tight spaces. The SIFU3 incorporates cable testing and  diagnostics to work in tandem with the MIFU2, giving the ability to diagnose cable breaks & any other problems. 12mm cable glands allow for easy, secure and neat cable entry.


Product Information


Wiring Diagram

Layout Diagram - Electric heating

Layout Diagram - Electric heating and water heating

Layout Diagram - Wet heating

Layout Diagram - Wet heating and water heating