IP66 External microwave sensor

Key features

  • Supply voltage - 220-240 Volts AC 50 Hz
  • Load - 10A of lighting including incandescent, fluorescent, compact fluorescent, compact fluorescent, low voltage (switch primary of transformer) 3A Fans and ventilation equipment.
  • Time out period - Adjustable 10 seconds to 99 minutes.
  • Light level - Optional adjustment by Programming handset-PRE5901 & PRE5903.
  • Terminal capacity - 2.5mm²
  • IP Rating - IP 66
  • Material - Polystyrene
  • Type - Class 2
  • Temperature - -10°C to 35°C
  • Conformity - 2004/108EC LVD-2006/95/EC
  • 5-year warranty


The PRE4204 is an IP66 rated easy to fit, cost-effective microwave detector. 

This microwave presence detector has the same operation as PRE4201 giving a full 10 metre (2.8m height) detection range, but the unit is mounted in an IP66 rated enclosure making it ideal for external lighting applications.


Product Information


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