Probe interface unit

Key features

  • The intermediary between hot water probes and the Irus system
  • Easy connection with RJ45 cables
  • 0.14mm squared min. and 2.5mm sqared max. terminal capacity
  • 3 meter cable
  • 5-year warranty


The PRE200oPIU is a component of our single and twin element hot water control kits and provides connectivity for the tank probes and the Irus system.

The Probe Interface Unit (PIU) is placed next to the power unit or slave relay in an appropriate accessory box. Then it is simply a case of connecting the red (upper probe) and black (lower probe) RJ45s to the PIU terminals. 4 core stranded low voltage cable is used to connect the PIU to the Control units Therm and EXT terminals.


Product Information