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Heat loss calculations

Heat loss calculations

To accurately determine the correct size of heating output required for a room, a calculation is required.

The calculation combines the thermal transmittance co-efficient or U-values of all the elements of the external fabric, the volume and the ventilation rate of the space.

On-line calculators found on many HVAC company’s websites can provide a guide to room and building heat loss, however, inaccuracies can result in under and over estimating emitter selection. This is particularly relevant for larger developments such as student accommodation, where there could be many hundred room inaccuracies multiplied. This could result in projects being over specified, or the installation of heaters that are not ‘up-to-the-job’ and require replacement.

Prefect have been installing their control systems in student accommodation since 1997 and have a close relationship with the technologies and techniques employed in the construction and running of these premises. Accurate estimating of heating is critical in optimising energy use across a university’s estate.

Our Heat Loss Calculation service is based on the plans with which we are provided and takes into account construction methods and materials; window and door aperture positioning; type of glazing; the dimensions of the room and the position of each room in the building.

From these figures, we can then help to specify the type of heating system, along with the correct size and positioning of heaters within each space.

Finally, taking all of this information into consideration we can provide extremely accurate energy requirements for a variety of heating and hot water situations.