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If you are not familiar with any of the terms or abbreviations used within the product descriptions, go to our Glossary page where, hopefully, your query will be explained.

What are the opening hours for Prefect Controls ?

Office hours are 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday

What are Prefect Controls warranty terms?

5 years

Can I purchase products directly from Prefect Controls?

Yes, we offer a range of payment options including Proforma payments and Credit accounts. Alternatively you can contact your local electrical wholesaler who can also purchase directly from us.

Where are Prefect Controls produced?

All of our products are designed, developed, tested and produced in the UK.

What makes Prefect Controls different?

Prefect has unprecedented experience in saving energy within multi-occupancy dwellings and we have been developing our product range since 1997. Our heating controls are the only ones available that are truly, fully lockable and designed specifically for multi-occupancy buildings. As a result of our dedication to a very specific market our products show proven energy savings year on year.

Who are Prefect Controls heating products for?

Primarily Prefect’s Ecostat & Irus products are designed for all multi-occupancy accommodation buildings including student accommodation, hotel, caravan parks etc. Anywhere where the guest or temporary tenant is not paying the bills and our energy saving equipment can ensure the greatest economy.

I have an account with Prefect Controls, where should I send order requests?

email your purchase order to , one of our admin team will acknowledge and process your request.

Can I purchase directly from Prefect Controls if I don't have an account with you?

Yes. You can purchase on proforma terms. Please email with your order requirements and one of our admin team will contact you.

What do I do if I have a faulty product?

Please advise our returns department by emailing and they will provide you with a returns form.

Where do I send the details to request a quotation?

Please email with the quotation requirements, i.e. Project name – one of our sales team will be in touch.

Can Prefect Controls supply and install their products?

Yes, we have our own install team at Prefect. We can complete your project from the first site survey through install and commissioning. Click here to find out more about the Prefect installation service. 

Who do Prefect Controls work with?

We have a wide range of customers, please click here to see some of our clients and markets.

Do Prefect Controls make a thermostat?

Yes we make the ecostat2, which is our intelligent 3 stage local control thermostat. We also make Prefect Irus a central control thermostat. Please click here to find out more about our heating controls.

Do Prefect Controls make a hob timer?

Yes we have 3 Hob timers available, please click here to see which one suits your need.

Do Prefect Controls make a lighting control?

Yes we make a range of lighting controls including PIR and microwave controls, click here to see our lighting control range.

Do Prefect Controls make a Building Energy Management System(BeMS)?

Yes Prefect Irus, Please click here to find out more.

What is Hobsafe?

Hobsafe is our range of hob timer controls, click here to find out more.

What is ecostat?
ecostat is our range of temperature and time limiting thermostats, click here to find out more.
What is Prefect Irus?

Prefect irus is our central control system, click here to find out more.

How long has Prefect controls been trading?

Prefect Controls Ltd started trading in 1997, please click here to find out more.

What is Prefect Irus?

Prefect Irus is our central control system allowing you to monitor measure and mange your energy usage, click here to find out more.

What does the Prefect Irus system consist of?

the basic parts of the Prefectirus system are a room thermostat (PRE2000CU3) and power unit (PRE2000PU2). A main interface unit (PRE2000MIFU2) and secondary interface units (PRE2000SIFU2)

What does Prefect Irus control?

Prefect Irus predominantly controls room heating whether wet or electric, including central plant heating systems and water heating. Irus can also control lighting and other electrical utilities.

What information does Irus display?

Prefect Irus monitors sound, light, humidity, temperature and noise level as well as room occupancy. This is all displayed on the secure Prefect Irus portal available through most internet compatible devices with web browsers.

How long does it take to install Prefect Irus in a room?

A typical room install takes 45 minutes. Infrastructure is dependant on site layout quantity of nodes and building wiring layout.

What is mains borne signalling “MBS”?

Mains borne signalling is how Prefect Irus communicates throughout the building. Utilising MBS allows for fast, easy installation with minimal disruption as few extra cables are required. MBS utilises the existing mains network to communicate, limiting the need for new data cabling.

How much energy can Irus save?

Depending on the site, Irus achieves between 20 to 40% saving per year leading to an average payback of 5 years.

How do I control Prefect Irus?

Irus is operated and controlled through a secure online portal accessible through most internet enabled devices with a web browser, including hand held devices. From the web portal you can manage the system, monitor rooms, view reports and control individual rooms.

What are the benefits of Prefect Irus?

Irus provides energy savings through careful control of room heating and water heating. It enables you to monitor and manage your site from a single location. Irus gathers large amounts of data from energy used and energy saved. Irus also allows you to monitor the sound, humidity, temperature, light level and as an addition, CO2 of each room. With irus each room’s settings can be changed remotely without having to enter any rooms. With Irus you can quickly ascertain which rooms are occupied or vacant. Irus can also control the site water system, monitoring each hot water tank and providing two tank temperatures, inflow water temperature, outflow temperature and first and last tap water temperature, this provides evidence that water safety plans are being adhered to in reducing the risk of legionella. Irus can also detect water leaks and alert maintenance. Furthermore Irus will shut off water flow to the affected area. Irus can also restrict energy usage during DUoS and TNUoSperiods providing further savings.

How Long is the Prefect Irus warranty?

5 Years

What is ecostat2?

ecostat2 is an intelligent 3 stage temperature and time limiting tamper proof energy saving thermostat for electric and wet heating.

How much control does the end user have?

The end user can adjust the temperatures in-between preset parameters. A PRE5004ec2 and a PRE5204ec2 only allow the user to select boost, setback and frost mode temperatures for a preset time. The PRE5003ec2 or PRE5230ec2 allow the user to select boost setback and frost temperatures, however they can also select a range of temperatures between the setback and boost level, for example if the setback level is set to 20°C and the boost temperature is set to 23°C the user can select 20, 21, 22 and 23°C for a preset time.

Can the end user change settings?

No, the end user can only select boost setback or frost mode for the preprogrammed time run, they cannot alter any settings.

What is lot 20?

Lot20 is EU Ecodesign legislation that applies to electric heating. EU 2015/1188 comes into force from January 2018. All subsequent installations will have to comply with a minimum efficiency standard of the Energy Efficiency Directive. The focus is on removing poorly controlled heaters from the market and replacing them with controls that feature temperature, timer, presence and open window detection features among others.

Which Prefect products conform to lot 20?

PRE5003ec2, PRE5004ec2, PRE5203ec2, PRE5502ec2, Prefectirus

How do I setup an ecostat2?

ecostat2 settings are set by using our infra-red programming handset the PRE5901. Using the keypad and LCD screen on the PRE5901 input the required settings then simply point he handset at the ecostat2 and press the send key, all the settings will be sent via infra-red to the ecostat2, this method ensure settings can be setup safely and quickly without the use of tools, this method also benefits from being complelty tamperproof.

Does ecostat2 have a 7 day programmer?

Yes, ecostat2 can activate boost mode at two different times every 24hrs

Do I have to use the 7 day programmer?

No, by default the 7 day programmer is disabled, this can be changed with the handset.

How long is the ecostat2 waranty?

5 Years

What is boost mode?

This mode is typically a relatively short run time, 45 to 120 minutes is recommended, with a comfortable room temperature used when the room is occupied usually 20-23°C. The boost mode is activated either by the PIR sensing presence, the up button being pressed or the thermostat receiving a boost trigger voltage from an external source or an auto-on time event. Boost mode is the highest temperature setting.

What is setback mode?

This mode typically uses a medium length run time, 12 to 48hrs is recommended. A temperature of 20-30% less than the boost temperature is recommended, this setting is used for short periods of absence. Setback mode is enabled when the boost run time has elapsed. Setback mode can also be selected with the control buttons, either raising the temperature from frost or cancelling the boost cycle by pressing the down button.

What is frost mode?

This mode is used for long periods of absence. A temperature of 5°C is recommended to protect the fabric of the building. Frost is activated once the setback time has elapsed. Frost mode can also be selected by pressing the down button until only the blue LED is lit.

How does window open detection work?

The window open detection detects a unusual drop in temperature and limits the output to the heater/radiator/boiler. This feature monitors temperature over a set period of time, if in this time the room temperature drops below a set level the thermostat will enter window open detection mode. While in this mode the thermostat limits output to the heater/radiator, this is a settable value of time called duty cycle. The thermostat does not limit power to the heater/radiator/boiler it simply reduces the amount of time the load is on. There are 3 settings for this feature, Time (mins), Temp (C) and Duty Cycle (mins). The time setting is the length at which the thermostat looks for a temperature drop. The temp setting is how many degrees the room temperature must drop in the selected time frame to activate window open detection mode. Duty cycle is how long the heater/Radiator/boiler can be active for when the window open detection mode is active. When the duty cycle is set to 5 minutes the heater/radiator/boiler will be on for 5 minutes and off for 5 minutes. Window open detection mode only functions during the boost cycle, it is not active in setback or frost mode. When window open detection mode is active the top and bottom scale LEDs will flash alternately. To exit window open detection mode press the up button once. Once the up button is pressed the mode is deactivated and the thermostat will continue to monitor temperature. If the temperature increases the boost cycle will continue if the temperature does not increase window open will be reactivated. If the temperature drops below the detection point within the time frame again the window open detection will be reactivated.

Can I disable window open detection?

Yes, the window open detection can be disabled by using the handset.

Does ecostat2 have a battery?

ecostat2 requires a battery for the 7 day programmer only, if the 7 day programmer is not being used the battery is not required. Please note the battery is not supplied.

What is Optistart and do I have to use it?

The thermostat has a optimum start feature. The optimum start feature ensures the room is at the required temperature at the set time event. The thermostat will learn how long it takes to raise the temperature of the room it is controlling. Using this information the thermostat will calculate how long beforethe time event the thermostat must start heating to achieve the boost temperature at the time event. This ensures the room is at the required temperature at the required time without having to set the time event early to ensure the room is to temperature which may waste energy. When Optistart is active the LED scale will pulse bottom to top. Optistart is disabled as default

What is the mains link for?

The supplied mains link is used to supply mains voltage to the common terminal allowing ecostat2 to switch mains voltage. Warning, when using the mains link ensure both legs are securely tightened in both terminals.

What is the “Trig” terminal for and do I need to use it?

The thermostat can be remotely triggered into boost mode by applying a mains voltage to the trigger terminal (TRIG) on the thermostat. When the mains voltage is applied for less than 30 seconds the thermostat will enter boost mode, the thermostat will complete the boost run time. When the voltage is applied for more than 30 seconds the thermostat will stay in boost mode until the trigger voltage is disconnected. Once the trigger has been disconnected the thermostat will immediately enter setback mode and resume the normal program cycle. When the trigger voltage is active the PIR is omitted. The boost level that is triggered by the live trigger can be selected via the handset. The thermostat can be triggered into boost minimum, medium or maximum. While the trigger is active the end user can select the boost level by using the up and down buttons. For example if set to trigger at maximum boost the thermostat will enter maximum boost when the trigger is present, the end user can then turn down the thermostat if desired. If the remote boost feature is not needed simply leave the terminal empty.

How do I wire an ecostat2?

Please click here for ecostat2 wiring digrams

What is Prefect energy lock?

Prefect energy lock is a system employed in our no controls panel heaters to ensure the heaters are not capable of autonomous operation. This is achieved by each heater requiring a key to function, the keys can only be obtained by purchasing one of our controls such as ecostat2. Prefect energy lock ensures our heaters are Lot 20 compliant.

The thermostat keeps turning off, is it broken?

ecostat2 monitors room temperature and heats only when there is a requirement to raise room temperature, once the room temperature is achieved the thermostat will switch on and off periodically to maintain room temperature. ecostat2 also uses a 3 stage temperature program, this limits the amount of time the thermostat can remain at higher temperatures. For more details on how the ecostat2 programming functions please see page 12 of the instruction manual.

What is a valve service cycle and do I have to use it?

The Valve service cycle is for use when the ecostat2 is controlling a heating control valve either in a heating system or directly controlling the TRV valve of a radiator. The valve service cycle periodically opens and closes the valve to ensure the valve remains functioning during summer months when the valve is not in use and can become seized. This function is disabled by default. To enable the function the PRE5901 handset must be used.

Can I dim ecostat2 LEDs?

Yes, the LEDs have a fallback level which is the light level when the thermostat is not being operated, this is set by the PRE5901 handset. The LEDs can be set to 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50% brightness. For details on how to set the LED level please see the instruction manual.


What size is ecostat2?

mount box the thermostat protrudes 20mm into the room and 11mm into the back box. ecostat2 requires a 30mm surface box or a 25mm sunken box.

Do I need to be qualified to install ecostat2?

Yes, you must have the relevant qualifications in force at time of installation.

How long does it take to install a ecostat2?

Depending on the complexity of install, time can range from 10 minutes for a retrofit to 45 minutes for a new complete installation including Fitting a heater. NOTE: this are estimates based on typical installations.

Where should I mount ecostat2?

1200 to 1400mm from finished floor level. The Thermostat should be mounted in the mid point of the room it is to control. Do not mount close to any extraneous heat sources such as heaters, fridges and televisions etc. When using an ecostat2 with PIR presence detection ensure the thermostat has a clear unobstructed view of the required detection area.

Can I mount ecostat2 in a bathroom?

ecostat2 is IP3X rated therefore can be mounted in zone 3.

Where do I mount ecostat2

in a disabled room? Mount the thermostat as close as possible to the central point of the room allowing for wheel chair access. Mount 1200mm from finished floor level.

Where do I mount the thermostat if it is controlling a boiler or heaters in multiple rooms?

When controlling multiple rooms mount the thermostat at the most central point between the rooms.

Can I use two ecostat2 in one room?

This is not recommended as the thermostats will contradict each other. The recommended solution is to control multiple heaters with a singe thermostat. The thermostat can switch a combined heating load of up to 3.4kW. For a wiring diagram please visit or contact a member of our staff. For loads above 3.4kW a contactor must be used.

Can I mount the ecostat2 next to a heater or radiator?

The thermostat can be mounted next to the heater/radiator but must not be mounted within 300mm of the nearest edge of the heater and must not be mounted above the heater.

Can I use an ecostat2 to control a low voltage or 0V circuit?

Yes, the thermostat has a volt free contact, simply remove the supplied mains link that is fitted between the Lin and COM terminals. Terminate your LV or 0V supply to the COM terminal. Terminate the return to the Lout terminal.

Do I need any wiring accessories?

Yes, the thermostat must have a local means of safe double pole isolation. A PRE6000 double pole key switch is recommended.The thermostat must be mounted in a suitable 30mm or greater surface or sunken single gang box.

Do I have to connect an earth to ecostat2?

The thermostat does not have a earth connection as the unit is double insulated. Current regulations state that there should be an earth present at the back box. If available terminate the earth to the terminal in the back box. If no such terminal is present safely terminate the earth into a terminal block or Wago and leave in the back box.

What cable should I connect to ecostat2?

Cable type and size is dependant upon installation configuration, ensure the cabling has appropriate load carrying capacity and conforms with regulations in force at time of installation. We recommend using a 3 and earth cable.

Can ecostat2 be used for wet radiators or wet heating systems?

Yes, ecostat2 can be used to control a wet radiator via a valve mounted on the radiator TRV body, please see the PRE9500 radiator valve drive for more details. ecostat2 can also be used to control other mains driven valves. ecostat2 can also control mains and 0 volt boilers.

Can I use ecostat2 with a boiler?

Yes, ecostat2 can control most boilers with either a low voltage, 0V or mains control circuit.

What does PIR mean and what is its purpose?

PIR stands for passive infra-red, this device senses infra-red radiation, Our bodies emit infra-red radiation in the form of heat, the PIR can detect this and therefore is able to detect somebody in it’s detection range and act accordingly for instance turning the heating up when a person enters a room.

Do I have to use the PIR?

Yes, the PIR cannot be disabled, if you do not require PIR detection please see the PRE5003ec2 or the PRE5004ec2.

What is absence detection?

In Absence mode (ABS) the thermostat will remain dormant until the up button is pressed or a 230VAC trigger voltage is applied to the trigger terminal or a auto-on time vent is triggered, the thermostat will enter boost mode. If the room is continuously occupied the thermostat will remain in boost mode until presence is no longer detected and the time run has elapsed. Once the boost time has elapsed the thermostat will enter setback mode. If the thermostat is in boost mode and the room is left unoccupied the thermostat will start the PIR time-out. PIR time-out is the length of time the thermostat will stay in boost mode once the room is unoccupied. For example if the PIR time out is set to 10 minutes, the thermostat will stay in boost mode while the room is occupied, once the room is unoccupied the PIR time out will begin the time run, if no presence is detected during the time out 10 minutes the unit will enter setback mode, if at any time during the 10 minutes someone enters the room the PIR time out will be reset to zero, meaning the unit will stay in boost mode. If the room is occupied for 1 hour, the boost cycle will be active for the selected 30 minutes in this example then enter setback mode. Boost Time is how long the thermostat will stay in boost mode if the room is occupied. PIR time-out is how long the thermostat stays in boost mode when the room is vacated. If you wish to have the boost cycle complete regardless of absence set the PIR time-out to the same value as the boost time. Absence mode is the best option for energy saving.

What is presence detection?

When presence is detected the thermostat automatically enters boost mode. When the unit is in boost mode the thermostats temperature can be altered between pre-set levels using the buttons. The thermostat can also be manually returned to setback or frost mode. Using the handset you can select what level of boost is selected when presence is detected, you can select boost minimum, medium or maximum. After the boost time run has elapsed the unit will enter setback mode. If presence is once again detected or if the thermostat receives a trigger voltage or a time event occurs the unit will re-enter boost mode. If no presence or trigger voltage is present the thermostat will continue in setback mode until the settable run time has elapsed. Once the setback run time has elapsed the thermostat will enter frost mode. The thermostat will remain in frost mode indefinitely until the unit is triggered into boost by either presence or a mains voltage is present at the trigger terminal. Whenever presence is detected the boost run time is reset to 0, meaning; if presence is detected boost mode will start and the timer will begin from 0, if the occupant leaves the room and returns and presence is detected again, the boost time will be reset to 0 and begin timing again. The thermostat will stay in boost mode as long as presence is detected. Presence mode is the best option for occupant comfort. Absence mode is a more energy efficient mode.

What is the PIR detection range?

When ecostat2 is mounted at 1200to 1400mm from finished floor level the maximum detection range is 4.5m from the unit with a detection width of 5m at 4.5m from ecostat2

Do I need a handset?

No, the ecostat2 is shipped with default programming and is ready to run, if you require specific settings these can be preprogrammed at point of manufacture free of charge. If the settings need to be changed on site the handset will then be required.

I have an old handset can this be used on new products?

The PRE5900 handset is not compatible with ecostat products. PRE5901 is compatible with the ecostat range however may require a simple software upgrade. Click here to see how to upgrade.

What is “volt free output” and do I need to use it?

ecostat2 has a volt free output, this means the ecostat2 has an input and output terminals, meaning the ecostat2 can switch the voltage that is supplied to the Com terminal, meaning the ecostat can switch low volatge or 0V systems. Warning when using the volt free output be sure to remove the supplied mains link.

Does Prefect Controls make a hob timer?
What are the Hob timer ratings?

The PRE9276 is a single gang unit and has a total capacity of 30A 6.9kW. The PRE9277 is a two gang unit and has a total of 40A 9.2kW capacity.

What is the time range of Hobsafe?

Hobsafe has a selectable time run set with dip switches on the rear of the unit, the time runs available are 15, 20, 30 and 45 minutes.

What is the difference between on/off and fixed mode?

When set to on/off mode a button press will activate the time run, when pressed again the time run will be cancelled. When set to fixed mode the time run will start when the button is pressed, the time run will complete regardless of if the button is pressed again.

Are Hobsafes LEDs dimmable?

PRE9276 LEDs can be dimmed through a aseries of button presses, please see the instruction manual. Currently PRE9277 LEDs are not dimmable.

What terminals connections does Hobsafe have?

Hobsafe utilises high capacity rising clamp terminals with a capacity from 0.6mm2 to 13.3mm2 maximum. there a four connections: Live in, Live out, Neutral in, Neutral out.

Does Hobsafe conform to EN 50615?

Hobsafe is designed to limit the amount of time the hob is powered on. It does not detect fire or alert if a pan fire occurs, therfore this product does not conform to EN 50615. Hobsafe conforms to EN60730.

What size is Hobsafe?

PRE9276 is a standard single gang fitment requiring a 45mm sunken or surface box, the unit protrudes 23mm into the room and 19.5mm intot he back box. PRE9277 is a standard two gang fitment requiring a 45mm sunken or surface box, the unit protrudes 23mm into the room and 19.5mm into the back box.

How do I set the time run on Hobsafe?

All settings are set using dip switches on the rear of the unit, please see the product instruction manual for details.

Does Hobsafe need an isolator?

Yes, Hobsafe must have a suitably rated double pole isolator, please see the product wiring digram for details.

Can I use Hobsafe to control a cooker?

Yes, however the cooker must not exceed the rated load of the Hobsafe. in cases where the cooker is over the rated load a contactor can be used. It is not recommended using Hobsafe with a cooker that has a digital time keeping clock.

Can I use Hobsafe to control a gas hob?

No, Hobsafe nor any other Prefect controls are compatible with gas hobs or cookers.

How long is Hobsafe's warranty?

5 Years

Where do I mount Hobsafe?

Locate the timer at a minimum distance of 300mm away from the nearest edge of the Hob. Ensure the timer is installed in such a position that it can be safely operated while the hob is in use. NOTE: The timer is not water-proof. Mount the timer at a safe distance from any liquid sources.

Does Hobsafe need an earth connection?

No, Hobsafe is double insulated and does not require an earth, however when mounted in a metal back box the box must be earthed. The hob must also retain a suitable earth connection.

Can the settings be changed after installation?

Yes, a qualified person can change settings while the unit is wired and removed from the back box while the unit is safely isolated.

Can the end user change the time run?

No, the end user can start and stop the set run time only.

Lighting sensors

What is the difference between a microwave and a PIR detector?

Both detectors detect movement and act accordingly. PIR (passive infra-red) are a cheaper technology than microwaves, however microwaves have a superior detection range and are less affected by items in line of sight. You may need to have two PIR detector to cover the same area as one microwave detector. However when using in a highly populated area a microwave detector with more sensitve detection may cause nuisance detecting, in this situation a PIR is more beneficial.

What is the difference between absence and presence detection?

Presence detection detectors will switch on lighting automatically when a person enters the room, and switches off lighting automatically when no movement is detected. Absence detection detectors the person enters the switches on the light as normal, but on leaving the detector switches off the lighting automatically. Lights can also be switched off manually.

What is a no neutral control?

No neutral controls do not have a neutral feed or output, these units are designed to directly replace a 2 wire light switch where a neutral is not present. Please click here to view our no neutral products.

What does VFC mean?

VFC stands for volt free contact, our VFC products provide a common terminal and a normally open terminal therefore allowing you to siwtch a LV or 0V circuit.

What is the difference between direct digital (DD) and analogue dimming (AD) products?

Our DD products are for direct digital mining systems DALI or DSI. Our analogue dimming products (AD) are for 1-10V analogue dimming systems.

Which detector should i use in a corridor or hallway?

We Produce angled head sensors for such an application. The sensor head can be tilted down by 90° allowing the detector to look straight down the corridor covering a greater area this negates the need of having multiple standard sensors pointing down. We produce a PRE3201B-AH-PRM long range PIR for detecting up to 24m.

Where should i mount a ceiling mounted sensor?

For a standard detector mount central as possible to the required detection area , note the sensors detection footprint is dependant on the ceiling height, do not locate the sensor where direct sunlight can enter the sensor. Do not mount to a moving or vibrating surface. For angled head detectors mount at one end of the detection area looking towards the required detection area, please see product manuals for further details.

What is Lux?

Lux is the unit of measurement of light. Lux level control is utlised in some of our products. Products equipped with Lux detection can switch lights on or off depending on the amount of natural light available moreover dimming products can maintain a set lux level.

Can flush mounting ceiling detectors be surface mounted?

Yes a surface mount box is available the PRE3-DBB

How are settings changed?

Most of hour lighting products are programmed using our PRE5901 infra-red handset, utilising the handset settings can be altered quickly easily and securely without having to touch or isolate the product to be set. Products without IR setup have dip switches behind the front cover or on the rear of the unit.

I have a PRE5901 for setting ecostat thermostats is this compatible with lighting products?

Yes, the PRE5901 handset can program our heating and lighting controls. A handset update may be required please see here for instructions for updating the handset.

Is there a wall mounted detector?

Yes, we have 3 wall mounted detectors, a no neutral PIR the PRE3204B a standard PIR detector PRE3202B and a microwave sensor the PRE4201.

How long is the warranty for lighting products?

5 Years