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Comparison between Irus and Ecostat features
Comparison between Ecostat and Irus features

Since January 2018, UK suppliers of electric heating appliances such as radiators, underfloor heating and panel heaters have been regulated by the European Ecodesign directive which includes LOT20.

The legislation aims to reduce energy consumption in both commercial and domestic properties. It is designed to reduce demand on the national grid, but also to reduce heating bills for consumers. Reducing CO2 emissions from outdated coal-burning power stations and making it more cost-effective to use renewable energy from wind turbines and solar panels is a real benefit for everyone!

All NEW electric heaters have had to comply with the new rules since January 2018. Energy saving must be quantifiable and complex calculations are at the heart of the legislation, providing percentage points for each heater feature that adds to energy efficiency. The points must add up to at least 38% to achieve compliance.


These features include;

  • Digital electronic temperature control
  • The capacity to set weekly programmes where each day can be different
  • 24 hour timer to set different temperatures throughout the period, not just on or off
  • Window/door open technology
  • Adaptive start control
  • Distance control operation

Each of the above add a percentage score to the base efficiency of 30% that all electric space heaters start with. When added together they must provide the magic figure of 38% or above.

So, for example;

  • Electronic temperature control adds 3%
  • 24 hour timer adds a further 2%
  • The weekly timer, a further 2%
  • Window open technology adds 1%
  • Distance control 1%
  • Adaptive start control 1%


Heaters that are controlled by systems with all of these features go above and beyond the requirements of LOT 20 legislation.

Prefect Controls provide commercial heating systems designed specifically for residencies where the room occupant is not responsible for paying directly for their energy costs. Student accommodation, hotels, holiday chalets etc. are where most of our heaters are installed. These properties have unique requirements compared with the domestic market in that heaters need to be robust and able to withstand a more challenging environment.

Lot 20 sought to abolish the use of ‘No-Control’ heaters that have a simple on or off switch, and we are fully behind this move.

Prefect Controls Energy Lock Accessio System

All our panel heaters and fluid-filled radiators have been designed specifically for the markets we supply.

Our patented Energy-Lock key is supplied with every control unit in the Irus and Ecostat2 ranges. This cleverly simple device means that our heaters are inoperative unless controlled by one of our control units, ALL of which possess ALL the features for LOT 20 compliance.

There are two benefits of not having an integrated controller in the heater, firstly temperature readings are more accurate when the thermostat is separated from the heater body, secondly, if either the heater or the controller fail, they can be replaced independently – saving cost.

Our systems have built in future proofing because the controller, if required, can be replaced, in time, as technologies evolve and additional features are added making energy use more efficient still.

Please note our range of heaters are only available when purchased with our Ecostat2 or Irus Control Units.