Water pipe sensor

Key features

  • Room temperature and pipe temperature sensors
  • Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity
  • 30-100 metres transmitting range
  • Irus compatible
  • Acoustic alert (80dbm)
  • Simple installation
  • Cable tied to pipe
  • Operates at room temperature (20°C)
  • Pipe diameter 8-27mm
  • Unit measures 65 x 21 x 30mm
  • Weight 9.4g
  • Battery life >10 years
  • Low battery warning
  • Detects leaks of 5 litres per hour or more
  • Thermal gap pad
  • 5-year warranty

The Prefect Irus PRE2000AWPS has two functions: A water waste detector for lavatories to identify faulty cisterns; A temperature sensor for use on water pipes.

One of the most common causes of water waste in households, is toilet and tap leaks. Large quantities of water can flow down the toilet pan without being noticed and without being visible.

The PRE2000AWPS measures the difference between the water inlet pipe temperature and the ambient room temperature. This difference triggers the alarm. The sensor can detect as little as 5 litres per hour wastage.

The sensor is designed to work at room temperature (around 20°C/68°F). Due to the mass of water and the pipe, the change in temperature is slow, and it can take hours before detection occurs. As cold water runs through the pipe its temperature is lowered. This differential between room and pipe temperature is what generates the alert either by sounding an audible ‘beep’, or sent via Bluetooth to a connected gateway.

The thermal gap filler pad
The grey thermal pad on the connecting surface of the Leak Sensor is sensitive. Please avoid damaging it or moving the Leak Sensor once it has been installed. If the pad is loose before installation, gently reposition it back into place.

The function of the button
The button has two functions: It activates new sensors and it mutes the alarm.

1) The sensor is in sleep mode when the product is delivered. To permanently activate the sensor, press and hold the button for five seconds until it sounds a beep (connected to a gateway the sensor will not sound a beep, but still has to be activated by pressing and holding the button). The product will remain activated for the rest of its lifetime.

2) If an alarm sounds, a short press of the button will mute the alarm for 24 hours. Once the water leak is fixed, the alarm will stop recurring.

Alarm occurrences
If the Sensor beeps, it has detected a water leak. Press the button to mute the alarm for 24 hours. When the water leak is fixed, the alarm stops recurring.

The alarm sounds if:
• the water leak is small and continuous for more than 24 hours
• there is a continuous water leak of more than 10 l/h within 60min.

• Press and hold the button until the Leak Sensor beeps
• Connect it to the water inlet pipe using the plastic tie. That’s it

Pressing and holding the button for five seconds until it beeps, this permanently activates the sensor. It is only necessary to do this once. When connected to a gateway, the Leak Sensor will not beep, but it still has to be activated by pressing and holding the button.


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