Energy efficiency, comfort and safety.
We design products to control heating,
hot water, lighting and hobs.
Specifically for student accommodation
hotels, hostels and leisure parks.
Energy is only used when it is needed,
saving up to 40% on costs.
We help you to take control.
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Award winning Energy Saving and Safety products for multi-occupancy buildings.

Our products

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Central control

Building energy management system

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Local control

Intelligent thermostatic room control

Kitchen safety

Hob auto power shut-off devices

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potential savings on energy costs per year

rooms controlled by Irus across the UK

Prefect Irus is a Building Energy Management System specifically developed for university student accommodation and hotels.

Each of your rooms environmental conditions can be monitored and managed individually; water heating is controlled accurately and efficiently; and the data captured from each room will form the basis for reports that demonstrate your water safety compliance, energy consumption, and many other outputs.

Energy, Maintenance and Welfare Managers will be alerted by email or SMS to anti-social noise, failing equipment and unusual heat, light, humidity and CO2 levels.

You can access Irus from anywhere with an internet connection, making energy, compliance and maintenance management easier.



PIR absence/




Water safety





potential savings on energy costs per year

rooms controlled by ecostat2 across the UK university estate

Prefect ecostat2 combines operational efficiency with guest comfort and suits many applications because of the wide variety of temperature and time parameters that can be programmed.

The room’s occupant has control over boosting temperature but only within pre-set parameters.

The tamper-proof technology means settings cannot be changed on the unit, this ensures predicted energy savings are achieved.

Simple to install and easy to operate, ecostat2 is a cost effective alternative to central control. Local controls provide some of the energy saving features offered by the central system, but on a local basis, meaning each room must be entered to alter programs.

All these features allow you to balance guest comfort whilst ensuring energy is not wasted.

Electrical Industry Awards

Electrical Safety First
Safety Innovation Award 2023.

Prefect HobSensus is a brand new product that is designed to stop hobs from being left on when the person preparing food is distracted or the kitchen is left unattended.

The unique 64 zone sensor measures the temperature over the entire surface of a 600mm or 900mm electric hob. If temperatures rise to dangerous levels the power to the hob is cut off. Easy to install and simple to operate HobSensus is ideal for communal kitchens such as those found in student accommodation or assisted living properties. conscientious landlords, and those caring for people living with dementia, have peace of mind that the kitchen is a safer place with HobSensus on the wall.

Hobsafe logo in red and grey

kitchens fitted with HobSafe across the UK university estate

Prefect Hobsafe provides the most practical and cost-effective way to prevent hobs from being left on.

Ideal for student accommodation, hostels or leisure parks, Hobsafe provides peace of mind for safety concious landlords and care partners of those living with dementia.

Hobsafe’s robust, tamper-proof design with large switching capacity fits most hobs and is a favourite with electricians because the large terminals make it easy to install. It’s also popular with users and landlords for its effectiveness and ease of use.

The 15, 20, 30 and 45-minute run times provide ample scope for all levels of culinary capability – whether warming a tin of beans or frying a fillet steak – whatever the dish, it could be ruined and so could the kitchen if pans on hobs are left unattended – Hobsafe reduces the risk of disastrous dining.

With more than 15,000 units installed, Hobsafe proves time and again that there is safety in numbers!

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