Thermostatic room control with integrated CO2 monitoring module

Key features

  • Room temperature detection and control
  • Integrated CO2 & Bluetooth Wireless technology receiver module
  • Integrated PIR detector with presence or absence detection
  • Room humidity detection
  • Room decibel noise meter
  • Room lux light level detection
  • Open window detection software
  • LCD user screen
  • User up and down controls
  • Mains Borne Signalling technology
  • PRE2000CU3 control unit utilizes SELV at 12VDC
  • Remote access via internet connection to individual room nodes.
  • Updatable software
  • 5-year warranty

The PRE2000CU3CO2BRU operates in exactly the same way as the PRE200CU3 but has the added functionality of monitoring air quality. The integrated module monitors CO2 within the units vicinity. Using NDIR (Nondispersive infrared) technology with a measurement range of between 400 and 2900ppm (parts per million) and an accuracy of ±(50ppm + 3% of measured value. The concentration of CO2 is determined by passing infrared light through a sample of the air and comparing absorption of light at two different wavelengths. The sensor combines this information with barometric pressure and temperature measurements to calculate CO2 concentration. Data collected by the Control Unit is displayed on the Irus Portal as an instantaneous figure and also on the time line to illustrate levels throughout the period.

The control unit is fitted on the wall of each room for the occupant to use. The control unit is a standard single gang plate size and is powered by a 12VDC supply from the PRE2000PU3 making the unit SELV, quickening installation and allowing for easier cable routing.

The Control unit has an LCD display for the occupant to view, the screen is fully programmable to your needs, for example the screen can display current set point, current temperature or simply a scale from minimum to maximum. The screen is also dimmable to 0% brightness to suit occupant requirements. Up and down buttons make the control unit simple to use, increasing or decreasing the temperature set point.

The CU3 is capable of monitoring an array of room conditions, it is able to gauge the rooms temperature, CO2 level, humidity, sound pressure, light level (lux), occupancy (presence or absence) and detect open windows. All of these conditions are stored and can be viewed online in real time and up to 30 days of history for each individual room. Reports and alerts can be created notifying staff of potential problems, for instance a maximum DB level can be set and the CU3 will alert the system that the level has been exceeded, allowing the site management to take action.

The CU3 has fully updatable software that can be updated remotely during out of hours periods, minimising disruption to the room occupant. The ability to update ensures the unit is using the latest technology and protects against any potential software issues. The updatable software enables the unit to be adapted once the install has been completed and therefore as the needs of the site change, the thermostat can be upgraded to meet changing requirements.


Product Information PRE2000CU3CO2BRU


Performance Data

Wiring Diagram - Standard electrical heating

Wiring Diagram - Standard wet heating

Wiring Diagram - Single element hot water tank

Wiring Diagram - Twin element hot water tank

Wiring Diagram - Multiple radiator connection

Wiring Diagram - Pulse metering

Layout Diagram - Typical electric panel heater

Layout Diagram - Electrical heating

Layout Diagram - Electrical heating and water heating

Layout Diagram - Typical wet radiator

Layout Diagram - Wet heating

Layout Diagram - Wet heating and water heating