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Due to our policy of continuous improvement, the most recent information regarding product features, specifications and guidance on use, is only available from Prefect Controls Ltd. on request or via the downloads on this website.


Before embarking on any installation or maintenance work with our products, please ensure you have the most recent product/wiring specifications and operation/maintenance instructions.


We are aware of third-party web sites that have downloaded data sheets, instruction documents and diagrams showing layouts and wiring configurations, from our website, and are making them available on their sites.


Most of the documents we have seen are very old and are now out of date. Product specifications for many of the products have changed and the instructions for how to use them is no longer relevant. Please ensure you only take guidance for how to install and operate our products from information you are certain is current and has come directly from us.


Prefect Controls Ltd. cannot accept any liability for incidents that result from incorrect use or application of its products.