Wall-mounted PIR presence detector with lux light level sensing

Key features

  • 230VAC 50Hz
  • 16A resistive
  • 10A incandescent
  • 6A fluorescent
  • 3A compact fluorescent, low energy lighting, low voltage lighting(switching transformer primary), Fans, Ventilation equipment
  • Terminal Capacity 2.5mm²
  • Standard single gang fitment
  • Lux light level detection
  • Presence detection
  • Adjustable time run 10 seconds to 60 minutes
  • 5-year warranty


The PRE3202B is a wall-mounted PIR presence and lux detector.

Easy energy saving can be made with this simple unit, the unit will switch on the lights when presence is detected, then once the room is vacated the time run will begin and, once elapsed the unit will switch off the lights.

The integral lux light sensor further increases energy saving by ensuring the lights do not switch on when there is a sufficient amount of natural light available. Settings are input using dip switches and dials behind the main fascia.


Product Information


Wiring Diagrams