SMART Tank Control

Key features

  • On-tank mounted control
  • Upper and Lower tank temperature sensors
  • Inlet and Outlet temperature sensors
  • Inlet and Outlet Water Meter monitoring
  • Tundish sensor
  • Return water temperature sensor
  • Leak detection sensor (optional)
  • Remote monitoring and control
  • Autonomous control
  • Measures RMS current
  • 5-year warranty

The Prefect Irus PRE2000STC is for the control and monitoring of twin element hot water tanks connected to the Prefect Irus control system.

This unit collects and stores data from the attached sensors, and switches power to the elements.

Mains Borne Signalling (MBS) is used to transmit and receive data and commands from the Prefect Irus central control system.

The STC is pre-wired with flex for mains supply in and load supply out to the individual elements. 

There are two looms. Loom 1 is for the tank temperature probes (Upper and Lower), and the Leak Detection Sensor. The two temperature sensors for the hot water tank are optimally aligned within sealed pockets. They collect accurate data of the water temperature within the tank. The Leak Detection Sensor cable enables connection to the PRE2000LDS (optional).

Loom 2 provides connection for:

  • The cold water feed temperature sensor (inlet)
  • Hot water out temperature sensor (outlet)
  • Cold water supply meter
  • Balanced cold water out meter
  • Tundish sensor
  • Return temperature sensor (if required).



Product Information PRE2000STC

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Wiring Diagram PRE2000STC