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Heat loss calculations


Following installation of room nodes, heaters and all the necessary connections, our commissioning process requires the Project Manager to visit the site and install the Master InterFace Unit (PRE2000MIFU2).

The MIFU will be paired and calibrated with the individual room control units (PRE2000CU3). A probe is sent around the building’s existing wiring system to test and detect any wiring faults within the Irus network. Faults will be dealt with on site to ensure the entire building is communicating effectively and under complete control of the Irus system before the project is signed off. 


Site requirements are met by creating profiles that control the settings of the equipment being installed. An example profile is for room heaters; we can set the system to have a minimum/maximum temperature; a setpoint temperature; a boost time; a timescale of what to do when no presence is detected; and what to do if a room has been unoccupied for a period of time.

This is customisable and can be configured per room, per area or per building.

If changes to profiles are required or additional profiles are needed, we can do this or configure the system to allow managers onsite to create their own profiles should settings need adjusting.


Handover Documentation

A handover document, specific to each site will be left with the manager at the site for future reference. This contains details of the apparatus installed; information about the Security Hosted Service; Service Level Agreement; Service Support Plan; Procedures for resetting equipment; and a Commissioning Certificate


Service Contract Reports

As part of the Service Contract Agreement we provide a monthly report that is sent to specified recipients. The report will detail any issues that may have occurred over the previous month for the site including;

• Offline Nodes • The detection of supplementary heaters in rooms • Failure to reach agreed setpoints
• PIR glitches • Relay faults • Probe failure (for use with water heating management).

These reports provide an overall condition summary of the system and a cue to notify maintenance teams of any issues.