Intelligent thermostat with user variable adjustment and microwave presence/absence sensor

Key features

  • Absence and presence detection modes
  • User temperature adjustment
  • Eco-design Lot 20 compliant
  • Terminal connections
    • Live, Neutral supply
    • Common, Normally open (link supplied for mains output
    • 230V AC 50Hz Live boost trigger
  • 230V AC at 50Hz supply
  • Switches mains loads up to 16A resistive
  • 0V to 24 VDC Max 5A - For volt free boilers etc.
  • Standard single gang plate
  • Open window deactivation
  • 7-day clock to schedule auto boost start (battery included)
  • Set-temperature, and active indicators
  • Tamper-proof Infrared programming, or Near-Field Communication (NFC) via the PRE5904 programming handset (available separately)
  • 5-year warranty

ecoStat3 is our time and temperature limiting thermostat range programmed locally and securely with a dedicated infrared handset*.

Designed to optimise energy savings with its unique three-stage technology, the new ecoStat3 range combines both operational efficiency with automation thanks to its unique built-in Microwave sensor.

Settable for absence or presence detection. The ecoStat3 controls can be pre-programmed to a wide range of temperature and time settings to suit all situations, and then locked. This makes them tamper-proof, ensuring predicted energy savings can be achieved.

Prefect’s unique understanding of this market influences the design of all our products, this is why the new ecoStat3 range boasts local Infra-red programming via the PRE5904 Handset, Near Field Communication is also a feature, which works in a similar way to contactless payment systems. Therefore, should there be a need to make a change to the times or temperatures, it can be achieved simply, quickly and securely.

Alternatively, for larger projects, we can factory pre-set your preferred settings at point of manufacture, thus ensuring continuity, while reducing time on site.

In addition, ecoStat3 has a 7-day clock to schedule auto boost start function, allowing you to select two pre-warm times a day, enabling the perfect balance of guest comfort while ensuring energy is not wasted.

Advanced window open detection, the thermostat constantly monitors room temperature, when a sudden drop is detected the thermostat will limit heating output to a pre-determined percentage until the window is closed.

* ecoStat3 models can be used ‘straight from the box’. However, if settings need to be changed, the PRE5904 programming handset is required which is available for purchase separately. PRE5904 Programming handset


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