Touch activated 16A timer

Key features

  • Will switch loads up to 3kW
  • 16A resistive, 10A incandescent, 6A fluorescent, 3A compact fluorescent, 3A low energy lighting
  • Live, Neutral, Live output connections, 230VAC Live trigger
  • 4mm² Terminal capacity
  • Timing 0-2 hours selectable
  • Fits 25mm flush box
  • Indicators: Red activation LED
  • Operating modes - on/off, resseting and non reseting modes selectable. set via dip switch on the rear of the unit.

The PRE9280-UNI boost switch is designed to coordinate with similar Prefect room heating controls making the unit simple and familiar to use for all.

The delay timer is an extremely versatile and robust unit, providing a programmable run-back time of up to a 2 hours. The unit can also be used as an over run timer for example a bathroom fan or water pump. Two or more units can be used together for intermediate switching. The timer has a live trigger option which allows the unit to be boosted by a mains voltage to the trigger terminal. The “Piezo activated” touch pad has been designed to be tamperproof as well as highly durable, making the unit ideal for multiple-dwelling applications such as student halls of residence, MOD barracks or nursing homes.


Product Information


Wiring diagram