Master interface unit

Key features

  • Terminal connections
    • Live, Neutral and Earth supply
    • Ports - 1, 2, 3, 4
  • All aluminium enclosure
  • External reset
  • Watchdog automatic reset
  • CAT5 cable testing
  • SSD solid state drive
  • 4 Data ports
  • Opto-isolated data ports
  • 2 Port Ethernet RJ45
  • Full security
  • Offline data storage
  • Remote management
  • Remote software and security updates
  • System management with fault alerts
  • 5-years warranty


The Prefect Irus PRE2000MIFU2 is the central main interface unit it sends and receives data to nodes on site.

The MIFU2 connects to PRE2000SIFU2 units via category 5 cabling. The SIFU2 units take the signal from the MIFU2 and re-transmits the data onto the mains network where it is received by the room nodes. Data is then sent back through the mains network back to the SIFU2 and is then transmitted through the cat 5 cabling back to the MIFU2 where the data is securely stored and uploaded to the web portal.

Internet security is at the core design of the MIFU2. No data is directly sent to the MIFU2 from the internet, any request is securely stored in the web portal and the MIFU2 will retrieve this data making the MIFU2 isolated from the outside world. Constant security updates keep the MIFU2 unit safe against new types of threat.

The MIFU2 can be remotely managed allowing for service work, updates and troubleshooting without the need to visit site. Should a fault occur within the system, management and authorised Prefect staff will be made aware of the nature of the fault and systems affected.

The MIFU2 has the ability to diagnose and test connected CAT 5 cabling and determine fault type and location.

The unit has a built-in watchdog, if the system becomes unresponsive and cannot be accessed the unit will automatically cycle mains power and reboot the system clearing the fault. As a fail safe the unit also has an external reset switch in the unlikely event the watchdog system fails.

The unit has 4 opto isolated connection ports. Each port can be connected to different buildings or blocks giving individual connection to multiple buildings. Should a cable be broken only an individual block will be lost - the remainder of the site will be unaffected.


Product Information


Layout Diagram - Master and Secondary Interface Unit configuration

Layout Diagram - Electric heating

Layout Diagram - Electric heating and water heating

Layout Diagram - Wet heating

Layout Diagram - Wet heating and water heating