Key features

  • Factory fitted input/output plumbing
  • Factory fitted sensors x7 plus 2 water meters
  • Easy electrical connection to mains supply
  • Easy connection to cold water supply and
    hot water out
  • 2 x pocketed tank water temperature sensors
  • 2 x Cold water meters
  • Hot-water out sensor
  • Tundish sensor
  • Return water temperature sensor
  • Leak Detection ready
  • 2 x High-grade long-life Titanium 3kW elements.
  • Expansion vessel complete with integral brackets supplied in the G3 kit.
  • Five sizes 120, 150, 210, 250 and 300 Litre.
  • Compression fittings supplied.
  • 90° elbow supplied on hot water draw off to
    reduce installation time.
  • Lift up pressure and temperature relief valve supplied for easier drain down.
  • 5-year warranty

Irus SMART Tank is an unvented stainless steel direct cylinder, factory fitted with Prefect Controls SMART Control Unit - Pre-wired and Pre-plumbed.

The irus range of SMART Tanks from Prefect Controls and Gledhill are the first to have been developed specifically for use within the student accommodation sector. The tanks custom made temperature pockets have been designed to hold the latest in temperature probe technology from the Prefect Irus system, ensuring accurate temperature reading and control for maximum efficiency.


Product Information


Wiring Diagram

Layout Diagram - Wet heating