Run-back timer with LED indicators and On/Off buttons

Key features.

  • 4 Settable run times - 15, 20, 30 or 120 minutes
  • Two selectable modes - ON/OFF or Fixed Mode
  • Simple on/off button activation
  • Power and active LEDs
  • Standard 1 gang fitment
  • Up to 30 Amp (resistive) capacity allowing a maximum loading of 6.9kW
  • Connections -  Live supply, Neutral supply, Load Neutral, Load Live
  • Terminal capacity - Minimum 0.6mm², Maximum 13.2mm² cable size
  • Supply Voltage - 230V AC at 50Hz
  • Conformance - EN60730
  • Prefect direct installation service available please contact us for a quote
  • 5-year warranty

This simple to use electronic timer is designed to run a variety of devices such as immersion heaters. Its robust design and large switching capacity makes it the sensible choice to avoid high running costs.

Run times are settable during installation via setting switches on the rear of the timer. To access these switches the unit must be removed from the wall box, ensuring time ranges cannot be easily changed by the end user.

The 30A 6.9kW switching capacity allows for a wide range of devices to be utilised. Installation is aided by large terminals boasting a maximum cable size of 13.2mm². The timer also provides both a neutral feed terminal and a neutral output terminal eliminating the issue of doubling up two cables into one terminal.

The timer is moulded in PC/ABS making the timer extremely durable. PC/ABS is fully UV stable and is resistant to cleaning products. A gloss finish overlay allows for easy cleaning.

Two modes of operation are available: Fixed mode and ON/OFF mode. When set to fixed mode the time run will start on a button press and will continue until the time run has elapsed. When set to ON/OFF mode the time run can be stopped at any point during the time run.

Simple on/off button operation and clear LED indicators allows for easy use. When the current time run is about to expire, the red hob active LED will flash to warn the timer is about to switch off, allowing the timer to be reset if necessary.


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