Valve actuator for wet heating system

Key features

  • Silent in operation
  • Locking ring, once fitted the drive valve cannot be removed without the aid of the unlocking cap
  • Easy to fit to any suitable valve body
  • Normally closed operation
  • Running time for stroke - approx 3 mins
  • 230V AC at 50Hz
  • Low power consumption - 2.5W
  • 250mA max starting current
  • Connecting ring M30x1.5
  • 5-year warranty


This extremely useful motorised valve actuator enables every room to be controlled automatically at any pre-set temperature.

Ideal for schools, colleges, hotels and residential buildings where individual control over separate areas is needed, this maintenance-free unit enables heating to be controlled on an individual room-by-room basis.

For greatest flexibility, the PRE9501 should be fitted in conjunction with Prefect Irus mains borne signalling system, or with any of the ecostat2 series of discreet local switches. The unit enables entire radiator systems to be programmed automatically, all from a PC anywhere in the building (when used with Prefect Irus).

The PRE9501 valve actuator fits to the head of a standard TRV Valve body via the M30x1.5 connection ring. the valve drive utilises a thermal drive wax motor, a small amount of wax is heated which then expands with force, this is then applied to the TRV, opening the valve silently and efficiently. since there are no mechanical parts the drive is very robust and reliable whilst being cost effective.


Product Information


Wiring Diagram - Standard wet heating

Layout Diagram - Wet heating