Surface-mounted battery-powered infra-red AC PIR auto on/off control

Key Features

  • Adjustable 10 second to 30 minute timing range selectable via button on the front of the unit
  • Compatible with most infra-red controlled A/C units
  • Battery operated, a usb power supply can be used to hard-wire if needed
  • Presence detection auto on, auto off
  • Lockable settings
  • Battery saving sleep mode
  • Supplied with 2x AA batteries
  • 5 year warranty
  • IP40
  • EMC-2004/108/EC
  • 5-year warranty

The PRE7000 is a surface-mount PIR air conditioning controller that provides automatic on and off switching of infra-red controlled A/C units.

The unit works by copying the on and off signal sent from the remote control of the A/C unit.

The control learns the commands by simply pointing the original A/C remote control at the PRE7000 while in learn mode. By pressing the on and off buttons the command will be learned and stored. Once the command is stored this will be transmitted through 4 infra-red windows around the device turning the A/C on when presence is detected and off after a settable run time.

The unit is quick and easy to install as it is directly mounted to the wall or ceiling. The unit features 4 infra-red output windows to allow for a greater number of installation options. Two AA batteries provide a wireless solution, however, the unit can be powered by a USB power supply if required.

The PRE7000 is easily setup using only two buttons, a learn button for learning the remote control commands and a time button for selecting time runs.


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