Prefect Atlantic electric panel heaters – F27

500 – 2500 Watt Atlantic EnergyLock F27 panel heaters

Key features

  • Rating (at 230V AC)
  • Safety overheat thermostat
  • IP24 Rated
  • No controls, ideal for use with Irus and ecoStat ranges
  • Slim design
  • Double insulated
  • 500, 750, 1000, 1250, 1500, 2000, 2500Watt
  • Silent operation
  • Complies with EN55014 / 1:2006 / A1:2009 / A2:2011
  • 5-year warranty

The Atlantic range of heaters has been designed to work alongside Prefect control equipment (Irus/ecoStat).

The attractive slim design hides a reliable robust and energy-efficient heater. The cross-flow element allows maximum airflow giving the heater a fast “heat up” time. The simple clip mounting bracket makes for easy installation while making redecoration behind the unit simple. The patented EnergyLock feature makes the F27 Lot 20 compliant. Only supplied with Prefect LOT20 compliant controls (sold separately).

Our range of Lot20 Compliant heaters

Model Wattage Height (mm) Width (mm)  Depth (mm) (inc. bracket)
PRE500WF27 500 451 384 99
PRE750WF27 750 451 384 99
PRE1000WF27 1000 451 458 99
PRE1250WF27 1250 451 532 99
PRE1500WF27 1500 451 606 99
PRE2000WF27 2000 451 754 99
PRE2500WF27 2500 451 902 99


Compliance with LOT20

Lot 20 is EU Ecodesign legislation for electric heating.  Effective from January 2018, all installations must comply with this minimum efficiency standard. The focus is on removing poorly controlled heaters from the market and replacing them with controls for temperature, timer, presence and open window detection amongst others.

The important part to understand of this legislation, is that heaters fitted with basic controls will no longer be permissible, but that doesn’t mean the control unit has to be integrated.

The Prefect Irus central control system and ecostat 2 range of controls are supplied with a bespoke slave heater. This option provides control through an impressive range of features. The specifications required under EU law are far exceeded and these master controls, fitted separately from the panel.

Our unique, patented, Energy Lock is supplied with the controller and simply slips into a slot on the heater making it operable.

Find out more about LOT20.

Double Insulation
NOTE: All Prefect Atlantic heaters are A Class II or double insulated electrical appliances. This means that the heater has been designed and built in such a way that it does not require a connection to electrical earth (ground). A double insulated appliance displays the square inside a square symbol which refers to 2 layers of insulation, thus double insulation/double Insulate. All Atlantic heaters conform to this standard.


Product Information


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Wiring Diagram - Typical electric panel heater

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