The dedicated programming handset is used to select times and temperatures. The handset is then pointed at the controller in the room and the parameters are ‘sent’. Near Field Communication (NFC) is also present for use with the ecoStat3 models

The Prefect Atlantic panel heaters are manufactured with our patented Energy Lock system which means this no-controls heater is Lot20 compliant. They are available with heat outputs of 0.5, 0.75, 1.0, 1.25, 1.5, 2.0 and 2.5kW. ecoStat can also operate Accessio fluid filled radiators and for ‘wet’ heating systems a thermal Valve Actuator is driven by the room controls.

The key switched fused spur isolates the power supply to the heating equipment and controls in the room.

The ecoStat range of intelligent thermostats control the use of energy in each room. The occupant has control over temperature, but only within parameters set by the dedicated programmer. The new ecoStat3 PRE5203EC3 model has an integrated microwave sensor to detect absence/presence,while the PRE5203EC2 and PRE5204EC2 models use PIR. All units include window-open technology.

Simple to use, up and down buttons with LED indicator lights mean operation of ecoStat is easy.

ecoStat is a range of cost-effective intelligent thermostats that ensure energy is not used in rooms when it is not needed, making savings of up to 30%.

ecoStat combines operational efficiency with guest comfort. Occupants can raise or lower the temperature within set parameters but programs can only be changed using the dedicated handset – not on the control unit in the room.

There are three modes – ‘Setback’ which is the default setting when the room is occupied, ‘Boost’ for when the occupant requires a higher temperature (this is a settable run-time and reverts to Setback on completion). Finally, ‘Frost’ mode is activated should the room become vacant for longer periods.

ecoStat can control both electric panel heaters and ‘wet’ radiators systems and is capable of controlling most boilers. 

The reliable technologies employed, tamper-proof design and robust manufacture make ecoStat an ideal product for more challenging environments such as student accommodation.

ecoStat knows if rooms are unoccupied or if windows are open and will adjust the heat input accordingly.

The ecoStat3 range

ecoStat3 is the next generation of local controls.

These are intelligent thermostats that manage individual rooms and are the most cost-effective solution in saving unnecessary use of energy in both electric and ‘wet’ heating systems. This new UK designed and manufactured range has just been launched by Prefect Controls.

Simplicity of use (just Boost and Down/Off buttons), robust design and manufacturing, and impressive energy saving has made ecoStat popular with end users and installers since its introduction 25 years ago.

ecoStat3 builds on this performance by integrating a microwave occupancy sensor within the PRE5203EC3 model, along with other technical, performance and usability enhancements.

Developed for student accommodation, ecoStat has also proved popular in HMOs, hotels, hostels, holiday lodges and caravan parks. It is designed to deal with challenging environments. The evidence – 200,000+ fitted controls, still in operation.


Intelligent room thermostat

• Microwave absence/presence sensor

• User variable adjustment

• Open-window detection

• Tamper-proof

• LOT 20 compliant


Intelligent room thermostat

• User variable adjustment

• Open-window detection

• Tamper-proof

• LOT 20 compliant


Infrared programming handset

• Re-designed from the ground up

• Intuitive operation

• Tamper-proof

• Backwards compatible with ecoStatEC2 range

• Infrared and Near Field Communication sends

Ecostat2 logo in green and grey

The ecoStat2 range


Room thermostat

• User variable adjustment
• LOT20 compliant
• Open window detection


Room thermostat

• User high/low adjustment
• LOT20 compliant
• Open window detection


Room thermostat

 • User variable adjustment
• LOT20 compliant
• Open window detection
• PIR absence/presence


Room thermostat

• User high/low adjustment
• LOT20 compliant
• Open window detection
• PIR absence/presence


Non ‘user-adjustable’ thermostat

• LOT20 compliant
• Open window detection
• For corridors or communal areas


Programming handset

• Infra-red programming
• LED display
• Numeric keypad


Thermal Valve Actuator

• For use with ‘wet’ systems
• Silent operation
• Tamper-proof

There are five ecostat2 room controllers.

The PRE5502EC2 is the basic model. It has all the features of the other models and is fully programmable, but has no user controls. This unit is ideally suited for communal or access areas such a corridors and stairwells.

The PRE5004EC2 has on/off user control – Occupants can start the programme and switch the unit off.

The PRE5204EC2 is the same as above, but with the addition of an integrated PIR sensor. This will detect movement and start or stop the programme depending on whether it has been set for absence or presence detection.

The PRE5003EC2 has user variable control – Occupants can start the programme, but can also reduce or raise the temperature within the set limits.

The PRE5203EC2 is the same as above, but with the addition of an integrated PIR sensor. This will detect movement and start or stop the programme depending on whether it has been set for absence or presence detection.

What ecoStat does

Room temperature control

The ecoStat control unit is situated close to the panel heater in the room and is set, via the programming handset, with a maximum and minimum temperature range. Two Boost settings can be programmed per day, over a 7-day period.

The Boost mode is activated by simply pressing the ‘up’ button on the controller, this triggers a pre-set run-time and once completed the unit will revert to Setback mode.

If a room is vacant for longer periods, the unit activates Frost mode where the room temperature is maintained at no lower than 5°C.

Plus and minus buttons and indicative LEDs make temperature control easy.

Some models only allow high/low control for occupants, while others have a variable control, so residents are able to raise and lower the room temperature for their own comfort.


Window-open technology

It is common sense not to send heat into a room that has an open window, as the heat, along with the energy budget, will simply disappear into thin air.

ecoStat is programmed to respond if the temperature drops dramatically.  If the room cools suddenly, the only explanation is that a window or door has been opened and as a result heat is being lost and energy wasted.

Should this happen, ecoStat will reduce heat input by 50% until the window has been closed.

Absence/presence detection

The new ecoStat3 (PRE5203EC3) model has an integrated microwave sensor to detect occupancy of a room. Ecostat2 models (PRE5203EC2 and PRE5204EC2) utilise PIR for the same purpose. If set for presence, when someone enters the room the programme will begin. 

In most cases, and to guarantee greater savings, the PIR is set for absence detection. Whenthe occupant enters the room and activates Boost by pressing the button, the unit will monitor the space, and when no further movement is detected, the programme will stop and revert to Setback mode.

Frost setting

If a room is vacant for longer periods, a second pre-set time run is deployed to activate Frost mode. This reduces energy input and maintains a constant room temperature that is settable. We advise 5°C or similar to maximise savings while avoiding damage from a cold atmosphere. When the room becomes occupied again the normal programme resumes. This setting is useful for winter holiday periods when students leave their rooms for longer breaks.

2 Event - 7 day programmer

Two events can be pre-programmed per day, each day can have a different start time that will trigger the Boost cycle. For example, routine early morning heating or, a warm reception when returning to the room.

Dedicated handset

Programmes cannot be altered on the room controls without the use of the dedicated coded handset (PRE5901 or the all new PRE5904).

When setting parameters have been programmed into the handset it is a simple task to point the handset at the thermostat and “send” the parameters. Unique infra-red coding avoids the possibility of unauthorised tampering with the programme, ensuring only management can adjust the settings at any time.

In addition the new PRE5904 handset features NFC (Near Field Communication). This operates in a similar way to contactless payment of credit cards, the handset is held close to the thermostat to send/read programme settings.

Temperature range:
Set-back temperature – adjustable from 0ºC – 30ºC
Comfort temperature – adjustable from 0ºC – 30ºC
Frost protection temperature – adjustable from 0ºC – 30ºC

Timing range:
Adjustable comfort period from 0 – 999 minutes
Settable frost default time from 0 – 999 hours

Adjustment Method: Navigation keypad

Power supply: 4 x 1.5v AAA size batteries

Indicators: Full LCD action display

Conformance: EMC- 89/336/EEC, LVD – 73/23/EEC, CE approved



Opti-start is a further advancement that works with the clock function to complement guest comfort. When enabled the Opti-start will learn the thermal dynamics of the room, discovering how long the room takes to heat. With this information Opti-start can heat the room prior to the event time, meaning the room is at the requested temperature at that time. For example, if it is known when guests will be checking-in, or, it is predictable when occupants will be returning to a room.

Lot 20 compliant

Lot 20 states that all space heaters using electricity, gaseous or liquid fuels, that are manufactured for sale in the EU since 1st January 2018, must comply with a minimum efficiency standard. This means heaters that work autonomously (without controls) can no longer be manufactured.

ecoStat units are supplied with a cleverly simple Energy Lock – a device or key that is slotted into the Prefect panel heater enabling them to operate when controlled by a Prefect control unit.

Our range of “slave” convector heaters comply with EU directive 2015/1188 (lot 20). Heaters are available in 500,1000, 1250, 1500, 2000 and 2500watt outputs. An auto-reset safety thermal cut-out is fitted to all heaters ensuring that the heater will become inactive if covered.

Find out more about LOT20.


How ecoStat works

These examples of temperatures and times are common settings. Location and condition of building can affect performance, but our system is very flexible and can be set to what is required in each situation.

All ecoStat models feature Window-open detection which reduces energy input. The PRE5203EC2 and the PRE5204EC2 also have an integrated PIR sensor which can detect presence or absence. The new PRE5203EC3 has an integrated microwave sensor which serves the same purpose. By detecting when a room is empty and interrupting the Boost mode, for example, will make greater savings.

ecoStat is designed to limit the amount of energy needed for heating.

Boost, Setback and Frost temperatures, and their associated run times are set with the infra-red programming handset – and then locked.

Depending on the ecoStat model installed, the occupant can adjust the heating level of the room but only within the set parameters.

The PIR models will detect absence or presence – and provide even greater energy savings by interrupting the timed programs when it determines if the room is occupied.

The three-stage student profile

The ecoStat PRE5003EC2/EC3 and PRE5203EC2/EC3 enable Energy Managers to set temperatures/times for the 3-stage student profile. Setback mode is the default setting (typically 18°C), but if the student requires more heat, they simply tap the ‘up’ button triggering Boost mode (commonly 23°C). Boost runs for a pre-set time (45 minutes) before reverting to Setback. If the student leaves the room during Boost, the PIR detects their absence and reverts to Setback, likewise if windows are opened heat input is reduced by a programmed percentage. If rooms are vacant for longer periods (typically 12 hours), Frost mode is activated which cuts energy input until the room reaches the pre-set protection against frost temperature which should not be lower than 5°C.

Boost, Setback and Frost, the “three-stage student profile” –  a favourite with Accommodation and Energy Managers.

energy cost

Data on savings

We have collated data from a number of installations to collate evidence of energy savings. Individual site specifications; the building’s condition; and the profiles/settings used; will all affect the efficiency of the system. However, when data for the consumption of energy is compared with before and after installation, we can demonstrate that ecostat2 repeatedly performs at levels where annual energy savings can be as much as 30%.

Energy savings

Return on investment

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