Leak detection control unit

Key features

  • All in one unit
  • Direct valve control
  • Easy valve electrical connection
  • fail safe closed
  • valve position sensor
  • PRE2000LDS leak detection via Irus POrtal
  • Industrial enclosure
  • Remote management
  • System alerts
  • 5-year warranty


The Prefect Irus Leak Detection Control unit detects leaks and works alongside a shut-off water valve to stop leaks.

The PRE2000LDCU works with Prefect Irus and a leak detection pad to detect leaks and shut off the water supply stopping the leak before major damage can occur. The LDCU is programmed to close the water valve when a leak is detected either by its own leak detection pad or that of another node.

The LDCU has a simple 4 wire connection to the PRE2000ASOV automatic shut off valve. The LDCU can read the valve position allowing the system to know if the valve is open or closed, this also allows the system to know if the valve has been manually overridden.

The LDCU is centrally controlled through the Irus system, this means the unit is remotely manageable allowing the valve to be opened or closed at any time.

The LDCU unit is housed in an industrial enclosure offering protection to sensitive components in potentially hazardous areas such as plant rooms. Generous cable entries allow for easy and neat installations.


Product Information

Product Information

Wiring Diagram