Ceiling-mounted PIR with manual setup & Volt free contact

Key features

  • Rating - (at 230VAC), 6A incandescent, fluorescent lighting and resistive heaters, 3A compact fluorescent, LED lighting and fans/ventilation equipment. NOTE - power factor correction capacitance must not exceed 40μF
  • 9m total detection range
  • Connections - Live, Neutral, Switch (trigger) Common, Normally closed, Normally open
  • Time setting - 10secs - 30 minutes
  • Adjustable light level Light to Dark
  • Terminal capacity - 2.5mm²
  • Volt free contact
  • 5-year warranty


This stylish PIR switch is one of a range of sensors that are designed to flush mount into a ceiling tile.

The PRE3201 provides flexible timed switching - adjustable between. 10 seconds and 99 minutes.

The unit has a detection range up to 9 meters and is supplied with a switched live output.

Easy to install with an isolated Volt free contact. Ideal for schools, student accommodation and offices.

An optional surface mounting box is available, suitable for mounting the PRE3201 directly onto the ceiling surface or onto a BESA box.

This product has an integral sensitivity and time adjustment. All timings, light levels, and all other parameters are programmed via the PRE5901 or PRE5903 programming handsets. Once programmed the parameters are fully tamperproof. One handset will program all PRE3201 sensors and a selection of other Prefect products.

Other PRE3201 Variation available:
PRE3201-DD - Direct digital dimming DALI & DSI
PRE3201-AD - 1-10V analogue dimming
PRE3201-PRM - Standard detector


Product Information


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