IP66 Touch activated timer

Key features

  • Switches loads up to 3kW at 230V AC 50Hz
  • Load - 16A resistive, 10A incandescent, 6A fluorescent, 3A compact fluorescent, 3A low energy lighting
  • Live, Neutral, Live output, 230VAC Live trigger connections 4mm² Terminal capacity
  • Timing - 0-2 hours selectable
  • IP66 25mm deep plastic surface mount moulded box.
  • Indicators - red activation neon (PRE9290N)
  • 5-year warranty


The PRE9290 & PRE9290N are touch-activated weatherproof timers.

Both timers are operated by pressing the tamperproof touch-sensitive pad on the front of the switch. The unit is mounted in a durable IP66 enclosure and is designed for outdoor use or where moisture is present. Ideally suited for outdoor heaters, the PRE9290N has a neon indicator to show when the timer is running.


Product Information


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