16Amp plate-mounted relay module

Key features.

  • Rating at 230V AC 16A load resistive
  • 230V AC Coil
  • Single gang. 86mm x 86mm
  • Connections: Live, Neutral, Common,
  • Normally closed, Normally open
  • Lvd and Emc compliant
  • 4mm² Terminal capacity
  • 5-year warranty


The PRE9000 is a versatile addition to the Prefect range. Designed for use with thermostats and other control equipment where the electrical rating is below the electrical load to be connected.

This simple to install unit is capable of switching 16 Amps of resistive Load such as electric panel heaters or air conditioning units. It’s normally open or normally closed outputs allow the unit to be used where low or zero volt switching is required making it suitable for use with most boilers, BMS systems and lighting control systems alike.


Product Information


Wiring Diagrams