Leak detection sensor

Key features

  • All stainless steel enclosure
  • Detection time delay
  • Automatic reset
  • All in one unit
  • LV output
  • Mounting holes
  • Top cable exit
  • Multi directional water entry channels
  • Simple robust design
  • Small foot print
  • Quick installation
  • Low cost
  • When controlling water flow the PRE2000ASO is required to be installed with PRE2000WSO
  • 5-year warranty


The Prefect Irus PRE2000LDS leak detection sensor is a simple innovative solution to detecting leaking water tanks and associated plumbing.

The PRE2000LDS has been designed to provide a convenient, simple, reliable and cost-effective solution for detecting water leaks and alerting maintenance staff before damage occurs.

The unit can easily be added to existing hot water tank nodes, instantly providing the ability to detect water leaks.

The sensor is completely low voltage and is supplied with a 3m cable as standard. Simple two wire connection means the unit is installed quickly. Mounting holes on the feet of the unit ensure the sensor is firmly affixed to the floor in the required detection area.

The sensor is housed in a durable one piece stainless steel case which can withstand heavy loads and is resistant to corrosion.

Water channels on every side of the sensor allows liquids to enter from any orientation. The sensor utilises a high density open cell foam to absorb liquids. The foam has a slow uptake of moisture meaning the sensor will not trip unless a sustained leak is present.

Once the sensor has detected a leak the controlling node will alert the system which in turn will raise a system alarm. Authorised personnel will immediately be notified of the leak and it’s location. When used with PRE2000ASOV (Auto shut off valve) and PRE2000WSO the sensor can trigger an automatic shut off of the water inlet to minimise water damage

After a leak has been corrected the sensor is completely reusable, once the detection area is dry the sensor will automatically reset.

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