Power Unit Volt Free

Key features

  • 2 switching outputs with a third auxiliary output
  • Volt free contacts, or mains switching ability
  • Local or remote mounting of the Control Unit (CU)
  • Mains borne signaling for transmission and reception
  • Robust metal casement for challenging applications
  • Remote management
  • W 234mm X D 43mm X H 220mm (Including glands) 
  • Load: 12amps AC 230 volts
  • UKCA compliant
  • 5-year warranty

The Prefect Irus PUVF has 2 switching outputs with a third auxiliary output,for switching multiple loads for HVAC systems.

The Prefect IRUS room control system has been designed to integrate into the existing plants wiring.

This product can be supplied with either, an on-board or separate control unit, depending on the application.

The main switching unit can be fitted remotely above ceiling tiles next to the existing plant. 

The PRE2000PUVF is a Prefect IRUS slave switching unit designed to allow multiple switching of mains voltage or 0-volts.

The 2 independent relays can be used to switch up to 12 amps AC 230v for use with fans, valve actuators  and other similar plant.

A third Auxiliary relay provides additional switching capacity.

In the second configuration the two relays can provide 0-volt contacts for use with BMS systems etc.

Dependent on the equipment to be switched the PRE2000PUVF can be fitted with a custom gland plate allowing for ease of caballing.

The PRE2000PUVF provides additional functionality to the Prefect Irus building energy management system. It communicates information to the Master Interface Unit using Mains Borne Signalling (MBS).



Product Information PRE2000PUVF

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Wiring Diagram PRE2000PUVF - Wall Mounted

Download wiring diagrams for this product

Wiring Diagram PRE2000PUVF - On Board