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Multi-Occupancy Energy Saving Heating Systems for Hotels

All providers of rooms want to maintain a comfortable environment for their guests. But, understandably, they don’t want to pay more than they have to for energy use.

We are all familiar with thermostats being adjusted to maximum – rooms left unoccupied while the heating is on and windows being opened to cool a room – occupants are generally not too concerned about the cost of the energy they use – as they don’t pay the bill!

In 2020, the University of West England (UWE) Bristol quickly identified the need for a more efficient system to manage energy use and consumption by their residents and, following a short tender process, enlisted our team to install the Prefect Irus system of products throughout the Frenchay Campus (home to 2000 students). With only 6 weeks before students returned, our hard-working teams managed to install Prefect Irus throughout 75% of the facility, and have since returned to complete the remaining rooms. Early estimates from the UWE put annual savings at 20-30% – over £75,000 per year.

Irus is a centrally controlled system, accessed via an internet portal. It enables Energy Managers of multiple-occupancy accomodations such as hotels to set temperatures/times for the 3-stage guest profile. Setback mode is the default setting (typically 18°C), but if the hotel guest requires more heat, they simply tap the ‘up’ button triggering Boost mode (commonly 23°C). Boost runs for a pre-set time (45 minutes) before reverting to Setback. If the hotel guest leaves the room during Boost, the PIR detects their absence and reverts to Setback, likewise if windows are opened heat input is reduced by 50%. If rooms are vacant for longer periods (typically 12 hours), Frost mode is activated, maintaining at least 5°C. Irus also monitors humidity, light and decibel levels.

What does this all mean from a remote management perspective? It means the energy manager has complete control from the safety of the control room – in fact, they could access it from anywhere in the world with internet access. This improves staff and guest safety, whilst also improving the efficiency of identifying issues and implementing fixes and allowing 24hr monitoring and adjustments without the need to disturb guests.

Irus saves money, reduces energy consumption and provides live data about usage throughout the blocks, along with a host of other features. It’s not about whether or not your building can afford it – it’s if it can afford not to have it.

Irus monitors and manages rooms and hot water systems

What does Irus do?

Data on savings

We have collated data from a number of installations to collate evidence of energy savings. Individual site specifications; the building’s condition; and the profiles/settings used; will all affect the efficiency of the system. However, when data for the consumption of energy is compared with before and after installation, we can demonstrate that Irus repeatedly performs at levels where annual energy savings are between 30%-40%.

Saving on tariff

Energy Savings

Return on Investment

Case Studies

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Best Western Hotel


Headlands Hotel


Sandman Signature Hotel




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