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Accessio is the Prefect range of fluid-filled radiators and has been designed to work alongside Prefect control equipment.


Accessio – ELITE HEAT 

Designed for accommodation that provides students with that little bit more.

Elegant design, robust manufacturing and outstanding performance makes the Accessio range an ideal choice for luxury student accommodation.

Accessio radiators incorporate Prefects patented EnergyLock – giving Energy Managers access to the unique control features of the Irus central control and Ecostat2 local control systems.

Providers of student accommodation now have the choice of an alternative heater style and performance profile.

This modern, silent radiator includes innovative thermofluid technology that offers a quick but gentle warmth and a healthy heat diffusion that doesn’t dry the air. Accessio has been compared with the comfort of a central heating system that maintains longer-lasting heat even after power to the radiator has been turned off.

EnergyLock-Accessio is available in 300W, 500W, 750W, 1000W, 1250W, 1500W and 2000W outputs, but measurements, due to the compact design, are only 575mm tall and 127mm deep with varying widths of 410mm (300W) to 973mm (2000W).

Installation is as easy as securing the simple ‘H’ mounting bracket to the wall with four screws, lifting the unit onto the supports and locking it securely in place. For future redecoration the unit is simply unlocked and tilted forward to gain access to the wall behind.

EnergyLock-Accessio is fully compliant with Lot20 and is ErP regulation ready. The ErP  (Energy-related Products) directive encourages manufacturers, and/or importers, to offer products designed to reduce their overall impact on the environment, including the resources consumed during manufacture and disposal.


Robustly manufactured to be resilient in all applications. This reverse angle photograph of heater shows the construction and fins.

The fluid-filled radiator is able to retain and disperse heat with minimal energy wastage. Its fluid element means the panels are warmed evenly and will radiate heat throughout the space. Ease of use when controlled by ecostat2 local control or Irus central control systems will ensure Accessio performs to optimum efficiency.

Prefect’s patented Energy Lock means the Accessio range complies with LOT20 regulations. This no controls heater is therefore cost effective to install and makes it easier to enjoy energy efficiency in larger installations through more sophisticated control systems.

Whether you are contemplating the installation of a completely new heating system…

…or refurbishing accommodation by replacing tired or worn out electric panel heaters…

Irus building energy management controller PRE2000CU3
Irus logo in purple
PRE5203EC2 Intelligent thermostat with PIR and user variable adjustment
Ecostat2 logo in green and grey

…Accessio is a great consideration, given its performance, style and energy saving credentials.

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and here for our Irus central control system

5 advantages of fluid-filled radiators

1 Thermal retention

Accessio heaters use electricity to warm up the fluid in the radiator. The heat is then transferred through the metal casing into the room by warming the surrounding air. Heat retention is excellent. Therefore, a more consistent, comfortable temperature is easier to maintain. Smoothing the peaks and troughs of energy input helps to keep the radiator temperature constant, although hot, Accessio does not reach the same high surface temperatures as other types of electric heater.

2 Energy efficiency

Fluid-filled radiators are one of the most energy efficient ways to heat a room. All the electricity used by an Accessio radiator is used to generate heat by warming the internal fluid, which is then transferred directly to the air in the room. There is no electricity wasted.

3 A more natural atmosphere

Where ‘wet’ central heating is not practical, fluid-filled radiators provide an even, constant and healthy heat diffusion, without drying the atmosphere. The air in the room will retain its humidity and remain pleasant to breathe, similar to that of a central heating system.

3 Robustness and longevity

Fluid-filled radiators are efficient because of their heavy metal construction. As a result, in challenging environments such as student accommodation they have a long life-expectancy due to their robustness.

5 Silence

Shhhh!  Fluid-filled radiators run silently.

Benefits at a glance


• A perfect balance between efficiency and simplicity.


• Silent and contemporary with aesthetically pleasing lines and a compact shape, blending beautifully with any interior styling.


Thermofluid technology.


• An even, constant and healthy heat diffusion, without drying the air, for perfect comfort, similar to a central heating system.


Long-lasting heating after the radiator has been turned off.


Several output powers to match all environments and requirements.


• Wall-mounted, Accessio is easy to install with an H-shaped vertical support.

If you are looking for an efficient, modern and compact radiator to use in multi-dwelling accommodation such as student accommodation or social housing developments, Accessio is an excellent choice.


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