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Safer Kitchens in Student Accommodation with HobSensus

HobSensus is a brand-new product designed specifically for student accommodation, communal kitchens and people living in sheltered or assisted-living property.

 Power is cut to the hob before fire flashpoint temperatures are reached

 Hob is switched off after 30 minutes of activation if the cook is distracted

• 64 zone temperature sensor

 Compatible with most 600mm or 900mm wide electric hobs,

• 40Amp switching capacity

• Hard wired (LV) or battery operation

• Irus-ready for integration with  Prefect Irus Central Control system

 Complies with EN50615:2015 (what is EN50615:2015?)

• Quick and easy installation and simple operation.

Cookers left on is one of the most common causes of fire and a major problem for the fire service.

These days the quality of accommodation plays an important part in helping students feel at home when starting their exciting, new educational chapter.

Many universities and colleges are moving away from the old model of catered halls to rooms with en-suite and self-catering facilities providing a more independent living experience with individual or communal kitchen areas.

But leaving a hob switched on can prove very costly!

At best, a waste of energy, at worst, the unthinkable! But, in between, consider the inconvenience and time wasted for fire crews when an alarm is raised in non-emergency situations. This happens with monotonous regularity. Some fire services now charge for unnecessary call outs, particularly if they occur more than once. Not only is this costly but can also compromise ‘real’ emergencies.

HobSensus makes kitchens safer by alerting residents if there is potential for a pan fire and by ensuring that hobs are not left switched on if the person preparing food is distracted. As it complies with EN50615:2015 as a Category B product, conscientious landlords, and those caring for people living with dementia, have peace of mind that the kitchen is a safer place with HobSensus on the wall.

How does HobSensus work?
In ordinary operation, when the red button is pressed a cooking time of 30 minutes is activated before the hob switches off, this is usually sufficient for most pan-based meals to be prepared. If more time is needed the button is pressed to reset the timer for a further 30 minutes. In situations where pressing the button may be an issue the unit can be set to Auto-Start.

HobSensus measures the temperature of the hob surface over 64 points. This ensures accuracy in all cooking conditions and reduces installation/set-up time.

HobSensus is designed to monitor cooking spaces; help to prevent pan fires; and ensure hobs are not left on inadvertently. Its robust manufacture makes it ideal for challenging applications such as student kitchens.

HobSensus is a quick and easy prevention that saves money and offers both residents and landlords total peace of mind that their property is safe from the dangers of unattended hobs.

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