With a burgeoning order book, greater capacity is required at Prefect Controls in the specification and management of installation of our control systems.

We are pleased to announce the arrival of Tom McAndrew to bolster our Project Management team.

 Tom went travelling after 6th form and spent time in the southern hemisphere where he experienced diving for the first time in Cairns. This sparked an interest in underwater exploration and research. While in Australia he applied to Portsmouth University to study for a BSc in Marine Biology. Securing his place, he returned to the UK and embarked on his university life. A keen sportsman, Tom played competitive football and Hockey for both university and city teams and indulged his passion for diving whenever the opportunity arose. His final year at Portsmouth was centred on his dissertation, studying the effect that the Chernobyl disaster had on shrimp species from the power plants cooling pond.  

Following graduation, while saving to fund a research project to the Seychelles, Tom worked in bars and pubs and became part of the management team for a group of hostelries. This took him from the south coast to Yorkshire and finally back to his home county of Suffolk. But the effect of pandemic on the hospitality industry and a chance discussion with an old school friend opened his eyes to a potential opportunity at Prefect Controls.

For his first few months he will be shadowing Will Mills, our Senior Project Manager, where he will gain insight of how our systems operate and the context of where they are installed. From there he will be responsible for advising customers on the specification for their sites and progressing projects through to managing installations and commissioning systems where applicable.

Will is very much looking forward sharing his workload and imparting his depth of knowledge as well as introducing Tom to Prefect customers.

A steep learning curve is ahead of Tom, but we have every confidence that he will take it in his ‘extra-long’ stride and become a valuable asset to the Prefect team.