We are proud to have been named as finalists in the Energy Saving Awards 2022.

The Energy Saving Awards, organised by Plumbing, Heating & Air Movement News (PHAM News) and Energy in Buildings & Industry (EiBI) magazines, is a new event celebrating the very best professionals, products and projects across the Plumbing, HVAC and Energy Management sectors. The awards have been created to acknowledge the important work that has been achieved by manufacturers, installers, contractors, suppliers and organisations to reduce carbon emissions and become more energy efficient.

The need to ensure we are not using energy unnecessarily has never been more pertinent.

For providers of accommodation where heating costs are part of the rent, and the tenants are not directly responsible for paying the energy bill, the disparity in outgoings and incomings is of real concern.

We have been developing control systems specifically for student accommodation since 1997 and understand the sector, the behaviour of room occupants and what Energy Managers need in terms of data so they can manage energy more effectively.

Irus, our centrally controlled energy management system for multi-occupancy dwellings such as student accommodation, hotels, leisure parks and hostels, ensures that energy is not used unnecessarily. It is always striving to use less energy while maintaining comfortable environments. It uses the 3-stage student profile to give occupants control, but only within set parameters. A default temperature, or Setback mode is programmed. This is constantly engaged unless external factors affect the control units. For example, if the Boost button is pressed the temperature will rise for a pre-determined time, after which Setback will re-engage. If the occupant leaves the room during a Boost period, heat input will be reduced. If a room is left unoccupied for longer periods, heat input is reduced further to Frost level, this is the minimal temperature required to avoid damp forming or frost damage. If windows are opened, heat input is again reduced.

Irus will control both electric and wet heating systems and Prefect’s unique ‘no controls’ panel heaters and Accessio fluid-filled radiators are fully Lot20 compliant due to their patented ‘EnergyLock’ activation key. The valve actuator is easily installed on radiators for wet systems.


The welfare of students is of the highest priority and Irus helps in this concern by monitoring environmental conditions within a room.


All settings are programmed on the secure Irus Portal which can be accessed from any device with internet connectivity. This means managers don’t need to set foot in a room to adjust settings or check for maintenance issues.

The welfare of students is of the highest priority and Irus helps in this concern by monitoring environmental conditions within a room. The alerting of unusual levels of humidity, light, CO2 and sound pressure ensures rooms are conducive to study with the correct balance of light and air quality. Prohibited equipment that could prove dangerous such as fan heaters or portable cooking apparatus can be detected and dealt with. The data that Irus collects can compile evidence if inconsiderate behaviour in terms of noise levels at anti-social hours occurs.

Irus is revolutionising water heating with a new pre-plumbed, pre-wired Smart tank recently added to the range. It has unique sensor pockets that, for the first time, provide accurate temperature readings throughout the water system from the cold inlet, throughout the tank to the hot outlet. Integrated meters monitor flow in and out, while leak-detection sensors watch over the tundish to monitor waste, and the tank cupboard for leaking pipes. If leaks are detected, auto shut-off valves are activated to reduce the scale of potential damage. Again, all management of the tank is controlled remotely, and managers can maximise energy savings by having fingertip control of when and how water is heated.


Currently (Autumn 2022) Irus is controlling in excess of 42,000 rooms across the UK.


Installation of Irus causes minimal disruption to infrastructure as the need for additional data cabling is largely unnecessary. This is because Mains Borne Signalling is used to send data on the Neutral and Earth wires of the existing electricity circuit to communicate around the site,

Irus is a software system and very much part of the IoT. It is constantly evolving as new technologies, apparatus and procedures provide additional data that is analysed to provide more and more efficiencies within multi-occupancy dwellings. Scalability and ease of additions to the system make Irus the most flexible system designed specifically for this sector.

Irus is popular with providers of rooms because it provides a mass of data that is easily accessed and compiled into meaningful reports. Currently (Autumn 2022) Irus is controlling in excess of 42,000 rooms across the UK.

Expeditious to install and easy to operate and manage, Irus is a reliable and powerful system for any organisation wanting to reduce their carbon footprint and bills, saving upto 40% on energy costs.

The winners of the Energy Saving Awards will be announced at an awards ceremony held at The Tower Hotel, London – 1 December 2022.

Find out more about the awards here.