A company that enables its customers to cut the unnecessary use of energy should be doing all it can to reduce its own impact on the environment. So thought Glen Golding, Managing Director of Prefect Controls.

2024 heralds a greener future for Prefect, with no fewer than three initiatives that will positively affect the Sudbury-based firm’s carbon reduction plan. As the weather will hopefully be warming, and longer days bring bluer skies, the company will be maximising the effect and reaping the benefits of the investments made last autumn.

Firstly, electric vehicle (EV) charging points have been installed at Prefect’s head office in Sudbury. Glen commented, “We spend a lot of our time advising customers on how they can make savings on energy consumption with our innovative heating control systems. The time was right for us to bite the bullet and look even more closely at reducing our environmental impact. Several of our vehicles are being renewed and the right option is to purchase EVs and Hybrids. Our Project Managers and Sales Team cover a lot of miles, so having the convenience of on-site charging just makes sense”.

The 6 charging points include 3 ultra-fast units, making a pitstop quick and convenient for the new vehicles.

To maximise on efficiency, Prefect has also invested in solar panels across the roof of its Suffolk headquarters.

The third initiative is the reusable pallet system for transporting SMART Tank control units from the manufacturing plant to the Gledhill assembly line. Made from HDPE, which is manufactured from post-consumer products, the pallets are eco-friendly and can be recycled at the end of their useful life.  An ingenious layered divider system has been developed to ensure maximum capacity per pallet. The bespoke dividers have been designed to lock and hold the control boxes in position during transit, ensuring they arrive in perfect condition. When unloaded the empty containers are collapsed, maximising space in the lorry for the return journey.

Glen concludes, “Being a responsible company, this investment in clean energy technology will reduce our demand and reliance on the grid and demonstrates our commitment to sustainable energy. While our reusable pallets avoid any waste in transportation. It’s a win-win situation – no additional plastic wrapping or carboard is required and, our products are safer while in transit. We are reducing waste and embracing technology to help the cause, but ultimately these are sound business decisions”.

Watch the video below to see how our controls are kept safe in their new eco-friendly containers.