Children in need is as much a part of this season in the UK as Bonfire night and autumnal golden leaves creating a crisp carpet across the landscape!

What better way to enjoy this glorious season than tramping across beautiful countryside raising money for such a worthy cause.

The Countryfile Ramble 2020 has inspired 1000s of you to don your walking boots, pack a mac and head out to breathe in some healthy country air.

A great friend of Prefect Controls, Rob Moore is doing just that with his friend Will on 11 October. They plan to walk from the village they live in, to the local seaside town of Teignmouth and back, through the country lanes and fields, in total around 10 miles.

Rob commented, “Both of us live close to one another in Devon, if we are not at Sandy Park watching the Exeter Chiefs, we can both often be found rambling around the coastal paths, Dartmoor, or even around the local village with our respective families. In addition, if we’re not rambling around, our wives are generally rambling on about something!!!”

We wish them both well with their ramble and are very pleased to sponsor their efforts, if anyone else would like to contribute please visit their fundraising page at