Since 2011/12 the number of domestic fires in Great Britain has fallen by 23.5%. That is good news, surely. But fire crews were still called out to almost 35,500 incidents in 2021/22.

    When the data is drilled into and we remove deliberate actions and downright stupidity as causes, we find that 10% of fires can be attributed to cooker incidents, specifically pans on hobs.

    One way to reduce this number is to ensure those at greater risk are unable to inadvertently leave a hob on if leaving the kitchen unattended while preparing food.

    But it’s not only people living with dementia; vulnerable adults living independently; those in assisted living or sheltered housing; or students living in university accommodation – we are all users of hobs and have the potential to be distracted while preparing meals.

    HobSensus is a simple to use, easy to install device that prevents hobs from being left on when the kitchen is unoccupied.

    It has two methods of action. Firstly, a timer that can be set to 20, 30, 45 or 120 minutes – plenty of time for most hob-based meals. After the initial press of the button, the countdown begins and when the time elapses, the power to the hob is cut.

    Secondly, there is a sensor that watches the temperature of the hob by dividing it into 64 zones. If the temperature of any zone rises to a dangerous level, it will sound an alarm to alert those close that it is still on. If no action is taken and the temperature continues to rise, the power to the hob will be cut – well in advance of the flash-point for any cooking oil.

    As well as reducing the risk of fire, HobSensus also reduces the likelihood of noxious fumes setting off smoke alarms and unpleasant odours taking over cooking spaces.

    HobSensus is not a fire alarm, but it does reduce the risk of the hob being the culprit, by cutting the power to a cooker way before there is any danger of ignition.

    A sensible addition to any kitchen, but particularly suitable when installed in the accommodation mentioned earlier. Conscientious landlords and carers will enjoy peace of mind that kitchens are safer with HobSensus on the wall.