Customised information for your students.

Here at Prefect, we design and make products specifically for student accommodation.

Whether we are saving energy, detecting leaks, or making kitchens safer, our products are always designed with easy installation and operation in mind.

For students, that maybe moving away from home for the first time and into their own space, getting used to new equipment with unfamiliar controls and working out how to use them, can be daunting!

Although our products do very clever things, they are easy to use and require little explanation. But, understanding why the heating or the hob need the controls they are fitted with, will help newcomers settle in knowing that their safety and comfort has been considered.

As part of what we do, we provide information for students so that they are aware of why these products are in their bedroom and kitchen. Posters and leaflets in their welcome pack and videos that are accessed via QR codes in their rooms help to explain energy management and kitchen safety.

To provide a seamless presentation, all these items can be customised with the accommodation provider’s, or university’s brand image.

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