Knowing the temperature within a hot-water tank is something that is often overlooked when considering the monitoring of energy use.

Usually a thermostat is strapped around the centre of the tank which triggers the boiler on or off. Operationally this has worked well for many years, however accurate measuring provides greater benefits than simply switching immersions on and off, Particularly when used with a system such as Irus in hotels or student accommodation.

Energy saving

A complete overview of the tank’s temperature range means that energy use can be controlled more accurately. Maintaining optimum temperatures efficiently and avoiding DUoS and TNUoS payments will result in huge cost savings.


In a twin element tank, a sensor aligned to each heating element will identify if either fails. The maintenance team are sent alerts automatically from the system so they can replace the faulty part – ensuring efficiency and safety.


Finally, and perhaps most importantly, monitoring heating patterns and setting programmes can greatly reduce the risk of Legionella developing in stored water. Monitoring temperatures accurately and collecting the data ensures water safety plans are adhered to and evidential data is logged.


Tank Temperature Sensors

New from Prefect Controls these sensors are made from a hard-wearing, rigid plastic with moulded flex-grooves, positioning holes and strap-guides. Designed for universal installation, they can be fitted snuggly to all types, diameters and sizes of tank using either adhesive, screws or straps.

The temperature sensor has a copper contact attached to a thermally isolated and insulated spring that forces it against the tank surface. A small amount of thermal paste is applied to the face of the contact to ensure accurate and consistent temperature readings. Colour coded labels for top and bottom sensors are included for easy identification.

The probe is easily removed from the mounting disk, for servicing or replacement of the temperature sensor, by releasing the ratcheted tube.