It’s that time of year again, when we think perhaps this year our seasons will behave in the way we expect them to!

Spring, springing with fresh new growth and optimism, Summer, all blue skies and warmth, strawberries and cream etc.

We can but dream! In reality though it is difficult to predict, even in the short term, what the weather and temperatures will be.

Maintaining the desired levels of comfort in large, multi-occupancy buildings can prove inflexible with traditional ‘set it and forget it’ heating systems, or very complex if the option of a Building Energy Management System is taken.

Prefect Irus is the perfect middle ground, providing the functions and features required to deliver comfortable user controlled environments and real energy savings without being over specified and complicated to operate.

Prefect Irus provides all the information you need to measure, monitor and manage energy use via a simple to read user interface which can be viewed on any device with an internet connection. Because Irus uses the existing electrical wiring within a building it is easy and cost effective to install, taking about 45 minutes per room on average with little or no disturbance to infrastructure.

Precise heat input
The systems algorithms ‘learn’ the environmental conditions of each room and data is then presented to help accommodation managers not only assess energy use, but also control heat input if rooms are unoccupied or windows are opened. Furthermore, Proportional Control means that, with wet systems, the target temperature is met and maintained and not overshot, providing a constant level of comfort while minimising energy consumption.

Open-window detection
This used to involve wires, switches and fiddly installation. The cleverly simple Prefect Irus CU3 does away with that and ‘learns’ how quickly a room takes to heat up to a target temperature. It also works out the rates of dissipation. With these two pieces of information the system observes room temperatures and if a rapid drop occurs the only logical explanation is that a window has been opened and the cold outside air allowed to enter the space. The CU3 flags up that the window is open and heat input to that room is suspended until the window is closed. This allows occupants to enjoy fresh air, but not at the expense of wasting energy!

Features beyond energy saving
it’s not just about saving energy with Irus. Prefect have listened to their customer’s suggestions and designed new features into Irus that provide benefits for accommodation, energy and welfare managers along with occupants in terms of their wellbeing.

 The Lux sensor within the CU3 continually monitors light levels within the room and establishes a pattern for lighting conditions over different time periods – daylight, artificial, night-time etc. When an unusual level is detected the system sends an alert. Maintenance personnel can then assess whether there is a blown bulb or some other malfunction or component failure causing the problem. This feature reduces the frequency of room visits by maintenance staff.

In a similar vein, another sensor monitors levels of humidity in individual rooms. Any rise can be investigated to determine whether the issue is caused by a failed ventilation system which could lead to dampness and mould growth, or, it could be explained by unauthorised or illicit use of cooking equipment in bedrooms which could, potentially, be a real safety concern.

It is the duty of accommodation providers to ensure students enjoy an environment conducive to studying. If a student is distracted by un-acceptable levels of noise it can be difficult to prove what or who the culprit is and where the noise is coming from. Irus can register when sounds exceed specified decibel levels over sustained time periods. Data pertaining to the source and time of antisocial noise is collated and provides evidence with which to tackle the issue.

PrefectIrus keeps you informed
All of these features can be accessed via the main user interface and alerts are sent via email to the addresses of those who can act accordingly to investigate. Any device with internet connectivity can be used to monitor and operate Irus making it one of the most versatile and intuitive control systems available for progressively-minded accommodation providers.