750 Watt Accessio EnergyLock fluid-filled radiator

Key features

  • Thermofluid technology providing long-lasting and soft heat
  • IP24 Rated
  • No controls, ideal for use with Prefect Irus and the ecostat2 range of products
  • Slim design
  • Easy installation
  • Silent operation
  • 5-year warranty

The Prefect range of fluid-filled radiators has been designed to work alongside Prefect control equipment.

Elegant design, robust manufacturing and outstanding performance makes it an ideal choice for luxury student accommodation.

Accessio radiators incorporate Prefects patented EnergyLock - giving Energy Managers access to the unique control features of the Irus central control and Ecostat2 local control systems. Savings of up to 25% have been attained compared with mechanical convectors. Providers of student accommodation now have the choice of an alternative heater style and performance profile.

This modern, silent radiator includes innovative thermofluid technology that gives a quick but gentle warmth and a healthy heat diffusion that doesn’t dry the air. Accessio has been compared with the comfort of a central heating system, maintaining longer-lasting heat even after power to the radiator has been turned off.

EnergyLock-Accessio is available in 750W, 1000W, 1250W, 1500W and 2000W outputs, but measurements, due to the compact design, are only 575mm tall and 128mm deep with varying widths of 490mm (750W) to 973mm (2000W). The range has an appropriate heater for any application.

Installation is as easy as securing the simple ‘H’ design mounting bracket to the wall with four screws, lifting the unit onto the supports and locking it securely in place. For future redecoration the unit is simply unlocked and tilted forward to gain access to the wall behind.

EnergyLock-Accessio is fully compliant with Lot20 and is ErP regulation ready. The ErP  (Energy-related Products) directive encourages manufacturers, and/or importers, to offer products designed to reduce their overall impact on the environment, including the resources consumed during manufacture and disposal.



Product Information