Slave relay

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Key features

  • 16A switching capacity
  • 230V AC at 50Hz
  • Terminal connections mains -
    • Earth x2
    • Neutral (N) x2
    • Live in (LIVE)
  • Load output (LOAD)
  • Standard 2 gang fitment
  • 2mm² to 4mm² Mains & LV terminal capacity
  • Power and active LEDs
  • LV quick connector
  • RJ45 quick connection
  • 5-year warranty


The Prefect Irus PRE2000SR slave relay is a secondary relay unit for use with the PRE2000PU2 and PRE2000CU3.

When connected to a PRE2000PU2 and PRE2000CU3 the slave relay is utilised as a second relay output, this affords the PRE2000CU3 control head with the use of two 16A relays for switching twin element hot water tanks or multiple heaters.

The PRE2000SR utilises the same PC/ABS enclosure as the PRE2000PU2. The enclosure is a standard 2 gang fitment requiring 30mm or deeper surface or sunken pattress box. The enclosure has 2 flex outlets available using cut-outs in the fascia if external cabling is required, each mains knock out is accompanied by a cable clamp ensuring secure cable retention. There is also a LV cable cut-out if required. The PC/ABS is UV stable impact resistant. The slave relay unit switches mains load up to 16A resistive.

The control circuit is SELV provided by the PRE2000PU2 and PRE2000CU3 meaning mains loads can be switched via a SELV voltage.

Connection of the SELV control cabling is easy. The unit can be connected by either utilising 6 core alarm cable and the removable 6-way rising clamp terminal. Alternatively, for an instant connection to the PRE2000PU2 a standard RJ45 Ethernet patch cable can be used to effortlessly connect the slave relay to the PRE2000PU2.


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Wiring Diagram - Multiple radiator connection