Irus Central Control Building Energy Management System


Power unit 16A

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Key features

  • 16A switching capacity
  • 230V AC at 50Hz
  • Terminal connections mains -
    • Earth x2
    • Neutral (N) x2
    • Live in (LIVE)
  • Load output (LOAD)
  • Standard 2 gang fitment
  • 2mm² to 4mm² Mains & LV terminal capacity
  • Power and active LEDs
  • LV quick connector
  • RJ45 quick connector for connection to PRE2000SR3 slave relay
  • Mains Borne Signalling technology
  • 5-year warranty


The Prefect Irus PRE2000PU2 power unit provides the PRE2000CU2

with SELV voltage and 16A switching capacity.

The PRE2000PU2 Power unit supplies the PRE2000CU2 head unit with the necessary power while adding the capability to switch up to 16A resistive.

The power unit also sends and receives the CU3 data via Mains Borne Signalling (MBS).

The PU2 is a standard 2 gang fitment requiring a 35mm or greater surface or sunken box. The fascia incorporates two flex cable clamps and associated knock-outs for flex connections to heaters, TRV valves or water tank elements.

The PU2 fascia is moulded in PC/ABS making it extremely durable, the material is also UV stable and will not discolour over time.

The PU2 includes active and power LED’s for easy identification of status.

Twin earth and neutral terminals along with ample wiring room ease installation and safety. The LV terminal is removable allowing for easy installation and if needed product replacement.

A RJ45 connector is available for a quick non wiring connection to a PRE2000SR slave relay unit. The PU2 with the use of a second relay, gives the PU2 and CU3 complete control of a twin element hot water tank or a room with multiple heaters.

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