Prefect Controls, the leading provider of energy saving heating systems for student accommodation, has announced promotions at its headquarters.

With significant growth and the appointment last year of new personnel ‘in the field’, the Suffolk based office team is being restructured to meet the challenges of the company’s continued development.

Tracy Drummond has become Office Manager. Tracy joined the company just prior to the pandemic lockdown in March 2020, “a real baptism of fire!” Getting to grips with all things Prefect was challenging, without being on-site or having personal contact with her new colleagues. However, since then her rapid learning has furnished her with all the product and customer knowledge required to efficiently manage the office and satisfy enquiries.

Nicole Howard joined Prefect in 2018 and has witnessed the ‘growing pains’, and requirements faced by an expanding company. Her response was to develop strategies, and implement procedures robust enough to cope with ever-changing demands. This experience will serve well in her new senior role as Financial Controller, overseeing Prefect’s financial operations.

Will Mills, Commercial Director, commented, ‘It is a privilege to work with such a dedicated and resourceful team of people, I know Nicole and Tracy will immerse themselves in their new roles and valuably contribute to the continued success of Prefect”.