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HobSensus has been installed in the kitchens that you manage. It is a safety device that ensures hobs cannot remain switched on if kitchens are left unattended.

A short video explaining how to use HobSensus

Maintenance and Troubleshooting

If there is a problem with any of your HobSensus products, the documents below should resolve any issues.
If you cannot find the answer on this page, please call our technical team on 01787 320604.

Click on the covers to download the document.

Prefect Atlantic Electric Panel Heaters 500 – 2500 Watt Range of Atlantic No Controls Panel Heater

An explanation of what the LED lights mean

Prefect Controls Accessio heater panels

A guide to checking that HobSensus is working

Comparison between Irus and Ecostat features

A 5-point plan to keep HobSensus in good working order

Comparison between Ecostat and Irus features

A guide to repacing the Sensor Head should it become damaged.

The full Instruction Manual for HobSensus
(38 pages)
This download will be available shortly