Compare ecoStat with Irus

Irus building energy management controller PRE2000CU3

Irus is a Building Energy Management System specifically developed for university student accommodation to avoid unnecessary use of energy. It is centrally controlled via an internet portal. The system extends beyond the bedroom, controlling water heating, detecting leaks and monitoring environmental conditions.

ecoStat is an individual room control with many of the energy saving features of Irus. A dedicated infrared handset programmes the control unit ensuring timings and temperature settings cannot be tampered with by unauthorised personnel.




Factory Pre-sets

Tamper proof temperature settings
Tamper proof timing settings
Occupancy sensor
Window open detection
Humidity level indicator
db. level indicator
Lux level indicator
CO2 level indicator
Power consumption meter
 LCD Screen with custom facility
Remote two way data communication
Remote logging and historic data storage
Fault Detection
Automated email/text alerts
Leak detection
Leak detection with water shut off
Data link to external systems
DUoS/Triad tracking and action
Booking software link
Custom branded overlays